The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 3

Episode 3, “The Turk”, deals with Sarah Connor’s conflict with killing a man who could revive Skynet and John’s awkward adjustment into high school.  The episode starts off with Sarah talking about her obsession with the men who developed the atom bomb and her desire to kill them just to stop their destruction.  She wakes up and talks to John about the photos they found from the Techcom bags they took in the last episode.  Later John and Cameron prepare for high school as Sarah meets with Dyson’s wife.

At Miles Dyson’s grave, Sarah meets with his widow to pay their respects with Sarah asking her about some of the photos she found.  Dyson’s wife tells her that one of the men is named Andy and once interned at Cyberdyne before she destroyed it.  She then tracks him down at a cell phone store where she talks to him about buying some blackberries.  Later Andy decides to ask her out for dinner at his place, which she accepts.  While preparing for the date, Sarah thinks about how the OSS planned on killing any Nazi physicists who were researching the atomic bomb.

Meanwhile, John and Cameron start their first day in high school.  Cameron was able to pass through metal detectors with the excuse that she had a large metal plate in her head.  This was also used as an excuse for her odd behaviour.   John had ordered Cameron to pretend to be his younger sister and to not act like his bodyguard.  However, she manages to get herself transferred into every class John is in and gets in his way of meeting a nice girl.

Later in high school, Cameron meets up with a girl who is depressed because of rumours that she was involved with a faculty member.  This girl eventually decides to commit suicide by jumping off a roof after being fed up with all the rumours and for fear of getting in trouble with her parents.  John tries to get to the roof to save her but he is stopped by Cameron despite his direct orders.  As a result the girl manages to commit suicide with John feeling frustrated about remaining “off the grid” since he is expected to be a good heroic man in the near future.

Cromartie (T-888) breaks into a hospital and steals about 20 units of type O blood.  He later breaks into a geneticist’s office and coerces him into synthesising organic tissue for him.  Despite being in a position of certain death, the geneticist agrees to help Cromartie due to his temptation of making a scientific breakthrough with the chemical formula given to him by the terminator.  He manages to synthesise the chemicals and watches as the fleshless terminator bathes in the chemicals before emerging with skin.  However, the synthesis is flawed as Cromatie regained flesh but not without a pair of eyes, which is takes after killing the geneticist and destroying all evidence of his work.

Sarah goes on a dinner date at Andy’s house.  There she learns about Andy’s time in college as a computer science major before dropping out after his father died and his mother went mad.  She later stumbles upon a poster promoting a chess match between a chessmaster and a machine and asks Andy about it.  Andy shows her “The Turk” an artificial intelligence programme he customised to beat chessmasters in every conceivable combination.  His discussion is interrupted when Sarah detects a prowler outside of the house.  We later learn the prowler is a Techcom agent that there have been break-ins in the neighbourhood, implying they are out to destroy the AI platform.  She later leaves and is pressured by John to destroy the platform before it develops into Skynet.

Agent Ellison continues to investigate Enrique’s death and the deaths from the Techcom safehouse.  Because of his failure in apprehending Sarah Connor in 1999, he is treated as a joke by his colleagues.  At the safehouse, he points out that the bullets found were the same bullets used to kill Enrique, which is dismissed by the crime scene team as a just a turf war between druggies who were known by locals for being crazy.  Ellison later visits Carlos asking about his conversations with Enrique and gives him his card in the event he decides to provide evidence.  After running fingerprint checks on the dead Techcom agents, the FBI finds matches with random children scattered in the United States.  Ellison wants to investigate further and is handed the evidence by his confused co-workers.  Agent Ellison later investigates the crime scene where the geneticist was killed with the FBI field agents horrified at the sight of blood and the fact the killer took the dead man’s eyes.

Sarah decides to have another date with Andy to learn more about “The Turk”.  Andy enthusiastically tells her that it was customised by stacking several Xboxes and Playstations together and he is always amazed at how the AI is smart enough to complete chess matches and wishes for the day when it evolves into more.  Sarah then considers killing them on their walk, but she compromises by just burning Andy’s house down.  The episode ends with Sarah talking about how the physicists felt like “Sons of bitches” for developing the atomic bomb when seeing the first atomic test.


2 thoughts on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 3

  1. Thanks for clearing up that issue about the suicide. I suspected the girl was upset over her reputation being tarnished, but I didn’t know how exactly. The ominous black posters I’d been seeing at John’s school threw me off track.

    I wonder what the accused faculty member thinks of all this. Or if the accusers will stir up trouble for John and Cameron in future episodes. . . .

  2. Andy says that after his father died, his mother later married the security guard at her bank. I expect this will turn out to be the security guard Cameron pushed and whose gun she took in Episode 1, when they went to the bank vault in 1999. If so, the guy could ID Sarah should Andy ever take Sarah to meet his mother and stepfather.

    Andy Goode said he wrote some “seriously moded out code that I swear came to me in a dream.” It was probably written by a terminator while he was sleeping, just like Cromartie gave the geneticist the formula for skin. Also, Andy losing his sight for three days may have been terminator-mischief, too.

    That pretty girl John met in school doesn’t have a clue, either. That, combined with her being in almost every scene and in every one of John’s classes, suggests to me she’s a terminator just like Cameron.

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