Say No to Hillary!

Hillary for President?

Jesus H. Christ! What in the hell are top Dems smoking to even think about backing Hillary over Obama? Do Democrats have a secret death pact we don’t know about? If they want corrupt political dynasty, go ahead, make Hillary the next President of the United States of America.

The reasons not to do such a thing are obvious to anyone not drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid. Let me list just the ones that roll off the top of my not-so-bright head:

* Hillary Moonies cite recent polls showing that likely Democrat voters would vote for Hillary if she ran. Yes, this is true — but why? The answer is not reassuring. It is because the less voters see and hear of Hillary the more they like her. Which means the converse is true as well. Just get her out on the national campaign trail, on the news every night, in dozens of ads on TV, and in nationally televised debates and watch those poll numbers plummet. Hillary grates on people. Maybe that’s unfair. But it’s still true.

* Hillary has triangulated herself into irrelevance with her hawkish support for the war in Iraq. She did this in order to show she could be tough, just like a man. All she really proved was that she could be a conniving politician, just like men.

* All’s fair in love, war and politics. So expect all that Kenneth Starr variety crap about the Clintons to make a big comeback. I know that Starr and his Dark Side minions failed to prove most of the allegations against the Clintons. But the Clintons’ own sloppy ethics provided the very fuel on which the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ran. If Hillary is nominated the Swift Boat Veterans will be back in a new form, but in full form. They will pound her relentlessly. Unfair? You bet. Go tell it to John Kerry.

* Finally, there’s Bill. Imagine Bill as First Husband, rambling around the East Wing of the White House with nothing but time on his hands. How long would it be — days, weeks, a month? — before the stories about White House maids getting made began? That’s not just a possibility, or even a probability. It’s a certainty. Then the nation and the world will be again treated to four years of “Live From the White House — The Jerry Springer Show!”

I could go on. There are many more reasons not to vote for Hillary.

I was so glad to see them leave when the Clintons’ eight years were up. I was exhausted, as were millions of other Americans of Clinton fatigue. Bill and Hillary bring too much baggage along with them.

Instead of wasting time on Hillary, the Democratic Party, or what’s left of it, should be searching right now for inspirational candidates. By the time the ’08 general election rolls around, Bush’s policies will have created such ruin, pain and embarrassment that voters will be starved for a real statesman. Someone who can do for post-Bush America what Roosevelt did for post-Hoover America.


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