Ron Paul at the MTV/MYSPACE dialogue

Ron Paul was one of the two Republicans who was smart enough to speak to the confused American youth with the other being Huckabee. While Huckabee was articulate and managed to present his own interpretations of Paul’s ideas, Ron Paul was better in presenting both the paleoconservative and liberatarian viewpoints.

With the exception of the scrambled audio in the first question about Darfur, Ron Paul did reasonably well discussing his talking points while tying much of the basic audience questions in the context of foreign policy, economics, and American complacency.

Cheers to Austin Petersen, Avery Knapp, Evan, and the rest of the New York City Ron Paul group for spending a chilly Saturday night cheering for Dr. Paul outside the MTV studio alongside the Hillary supporters. Also, kudos to MTV for actually giving Ron Paul at least 20 minutes to speak with little to no interruption unlike the shabby treatment he received from CNN, FOX NEWS and MSNBC.

Below are the highlights of his dialogue with undecided youth and Obama supporters.

After Paul, MTV gave better questions and more airtime to Barack Obama. It looks like much of the MTV producers and journalists are partial to Obama to the point of stuffing their audience with their supporters. I really liked how Scott of Fordham University tried to use Paul as a means to slam the GOP as a whole while not expecting the doctor to actually agree with him with a detailed explanation of the GOP’s epic failures in recent elections.

That being said, Ron Paul still needs supporters to either support him in his ongoing struggle in Congress here – – or in his Presidential campaign here –


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul at the MTV/MYSPACE dialogue

  1. When the interview started, I was worried that MTV might be playing some funny tricks… but wow. They set Dr. Paul up with some great questions, and let him knock them out of the park. I can only imagine that they’re trying to knock some wind out of Mccain & Romney’s sails. Ron looked good infront of an MTV crowd, (yuck) I’m sure some of them vote, and he looked damn good.

  2. I lost respect for MTV over the course of many years. However, I do commend them for actually giving Paul ample airtime to present his views unlike the other corporate networks despite having to answer mostly elementary questions from Obama-leaning kids

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