Ron Paul’s backup plan?

Another way to help elect Ron PaulFebruary 2, 2008

Loyal Ron Paul supporters,

Here is another way you can help Ron Paul continue to defend freedom and keep the movement alive. Under Texas law Ron Paul can run for President and Congress at the same time and he is doing just that. If you have already given to help elect Ron Paul President, you can also help him by giving to his reelection campaign to Congress. Go to his congressional web site starting TODAY and donate to make sure Ron also wins his reelection campaign for Congress. Let’s help reelect Ron to Congress and elect him President at the same time. Let the Establishment know that the movement will continue, whether in Congress or in the White House. The Texas Primary election is March 4, so time is short for Ron to fund this campaign.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 for Ron’s congressional campaign within the next week or two. Early voting starts in Texas soon and Ron’s congressional campaign needs the money TODAY to pay for TV and radio and mailings.

Federal election laws make it impossible for Congressman Paul to use any of his presidential funds for his congressional race so long as he remains a candidate for president. That creates a real problem because as long as Ron Paul continues to have success running for President, he will have a hard time securing funds for his congressional reelection.

So get online now at and make your maximum donation. Watch the donation counter soar to help keep the Revolution alive. And send this email alert to all of your friends and contacts.

Let’s show Ron Paul exactly how much we love, appreciate and support him.

Yours for Freedom,

Mark Elam
Ron Paul Congressional Campaign Manager

This is getting interesting…


6 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s backup plan?

  1. Every Democrat knows that we must not cast our nation adrift in an ocean of uncertainty, that our anchor is our faith, our freedom, and our constitution. We appreciate Ron Paul’s efforts in support of all three.
    At the same time, the framers of our constitution were mere mortals and were unrepresentative even in their own time of public sentiment and population demographics. Yes, we have an amendment process which is slow and unwieldy in an internet age, so we face a conundrum.
    Recently, in the face of horrific aggression by unspeakably evil tyrannies, our presidents have taken the reigns of action into their own hands. FDR’s Atlantic rendezvous executive agreement being a typical example, but followed by many others. While our courts upheld the many such extra-constitutional anomalies, unfathomed by our government’s first builders, some ratified by amendment (income tax), others not (e.g. education department, federal reserve), still they give us pause because they imperil our freedom, and even our religion.
    American freedoms not enumerated by our constitution outnumber those specifically provided for, being infinite. We all appreciate the advantages of our American arrangement when we look to compare ourselves to wretched regimes overseas. Democrats know and provide for American freedom more than republicans do. It is why our country does so much better when Democratic party nominated officials hold sway: inclusive ideals give better results than privilege and hidebound tradition. And there can be no greater freedom not enumerated than the freedom to breathe free, free of intimidation, free of restriction, and free from want. Democrats believe in freedom, more freedom than republicans, because there is so much more freedom out there lying beyond even our own traditions.
    How about the freedom to live our lives without being drugged and raped? Democrats believe that underage girls should not be drugged and raped. George W. Bush has drugged and raped young girls, Condi Rice among them, while republican party leaders wink and even participate. Democrats know it is wrong to murder leaders of rival parties (JFK, MLK, RFK, George Wallace) and we also know that attempting the murder of leaders of rival factions within our own party is wrong (Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan) and we condemn GHW Bush for those loathsome acts.
    Furthermore, the federal government’s establishment of religion is objectionable. Psychology’s priests are employed illegally, and seminaries of psychobabble are supported at public expense. I don’t know about any of you, most of you don’t notice that your republican party leaders are murderers and rapists, so how many of you will detect the erosion of your religious liberty? If the public does own the airwaves (It’s a ridiculous notion of the thirties. Does the public own the soundwaves?), then public airwaves and public funds should not support multi-hour PBS psychobabble shows drumming propaganda into the heads of our children and elderly. Public institutions should not dispense public funds to solicit donations. No ‘anonymous’ contributions should ever be accepted by any public institutions, because it invites hidden quid-pro-quo’s.
    So, who will protect us? Republicans? They’re so eager to exploit the public weal for the benefit of their largest campaign contributors, so ready to fish our telephone conversations, our private correspondence, our very selves! Ha!
    Let me remind you all that the Democratic Party made sure to maintain freedom of religion in the federal workplace. The Democratic Party made sure to reimburse egregious wrongs of our recent history. The Democratic Party has always sought to remedy indignant passions by righting old wrongs, and ensuring universal participation in markets, in elections, and in civil rights. All these things have inured to the benefit of all Americans free to live safely in their homes without fear of invasion, interruption, or encroachment, free to influence and change government policy as well as government itself.
    So let me hail you, one and all, and call upon you each and every one, to join the Democratic Party’s ranks of freedom, fairness, and equality and together help us maintain and further the cause of justice in America.

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