The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 4

In “Heavy Metal,” John Connor is still upset at being prevented from saving his classmate from suicide. At the same time, Cameron learns that Cromartie has survived the time warp and is secretly rebuilding. She presents Sarah and John with video showing Cromartie’s skull and news reports of coltan being smuggled into Los Angeles. John convinces Sarah that they should prepare to blow up the shipments to stop Cromartie.

Meanwhile Cromartie breaks into a plastic surgeon’s office to have reconstructive surgery to resemble a man who matches his “bone” structure. He later kills the surgeon after staying at his clinic to recover only to leave a crime scene for Agent Ellison. Based on the strange evidence and the trail of mystery blood, Ellison believes that all of these murders are connected and begins to investigate after security footage was found showing Cromartie’s presence.

He is able to identify the man shown in the security footage and brings him in for question. It turns out that the man was a struggling actor who visited the surgeon to have work done on his chin and nose and has a strong liberal dislike of the authority. Ellison is willing to let the actor go in return for a blood sample due to the lack of evidence against him.

John, Sarah and Cameron make it to the docks where they find some thugs loading coltan into a truck. According to Cameron, coltan is a titanium alloy that can be used to mass produce terminators and speculates that Cromartie may need this metal to repair itself. After scanning the sleeper terminator in charge of the smuggling operation, Cameron concludes that this is not Cromartie’s operation as it is another terminator on a different mission.

This prompts them to leave for further observation, but John decides to sneak back in to plant his blackberry curve into the truck so they can track them. Sarah and Cameron are then confronted with a local security guard, which Sarah knocks out. However, John winds up hiding in the truck when an armed thug decides to ride in the back. John tries to retrieve his blackberry to call Sarah but winds up damaging it in an attempt to knock out the goon, which causes Sarah and Cameron to lose track of him while monitoring him via the Internet.

As a result, Sarah revives and tries interrogating the guard she knocked out but leaves it to Cameron to extract information from him. They later learn that John and the truck are headed towards an decommissioned air force bunker. Meanwhile the truck has made its final stop inside the bunker and John gets out trying to figure out how to reach Sarah while evading the thugs. The hired thugs are puzzled that one of their guys is missing and assume that he must have left over pay. The terminator then appears and kills the guards after they finished their job, closes the bunker and goes into standby mode.

Meanwhile, the actor is still complaining about his mistreatment in his apartment when he is visited by Cromartie. The cyborg later kills the actor after observing his mannerisms and steals his identity. Ellison presents his findings to his peers at the FBI, who later dismiss his assertions and reprimand him for illegally obtaining blood samples from a suspect. He later visits the actor’s apartment to apologise over the incident, where he is met by Cromartie in disguise, and starts to suspect strange behaviour based on Cromartie’s speech patterns and habits.

Sarah and Cameron arrive at the base and we learn that this will be the future site of a terminator factory where Cameron and others are mass produced. Cameron then suggests that this terminator’s mission is to stockpile raw materials and assist in the factory’s construction once judgment day comes and passes. The thug that John knocked out later wakes up and confronts John, who tries to dissuade him from confronting the terminator after pointing out how he killed his friends and to work together. Dismissing John, the thug threatens the terminator and pushes him out of standby mode, which prompts the machine to simply kill him. After seeing another termination John is frightened but sees an old phone, which he uses to call Sarah about his location.

Sarah tells John that he needs to find a way to open the bunker and to run out before the terminator finishes his 15-second reboot. John manages to remove the master key out of the terminator’s neck to open to bunker. While the terminator boots up, Cameron picks a fight with him while John decides to drive the truck containing coltan, but is having trouble because he doesn’t know how to drive manual. Cameron and the terminator fight while John and Sarah struggle to drive the truck out. Eventually they manage to get the truck out and trap the terminator inside the bunker after a long struggle.

Cameron then proceeds to destroy the truck containing the coltan and they all return home with John badly shaken from the day’s adventure.


One thought on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 4

  1. Cameron – is – different: a terminator for all seasons. She seems sentimental in front of the door of her birthing chamber, and then secrets a bar of coltan (from which she was made) to take home with her. If this was just raw material to keep on hand should she need repair at a later date, she wouldn’t keep it a secret. Perhaps she’s feeling sentimental, but is confused by the emotion (really: even Andy’s AI had moods) and doesn’t want to reveal it. Or maybe she hopes that, should they succeed in preventing the rise of the machines, someone will still make her – perhaps John, who she’s devoted to and hopes he can be devoted to her.

    John’s shaking at the end of the day with a pencil in his hand. Was this an unconscious nod to T1? When Arnold’s hand became dysfunctional in T1, it wasn’t a pencil in his hand, but a nail that he stuck into it.

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