Not So Epic Super Tuesday

So it’s Super Tuesday in America and it is clear that the legally retarded of America have decided to back John McCain while marginalising the voice of reason that was embodied by Ron Paul. This is a striking blow to the Ron Paul national campaign but all hope is not lost for Ron Paul is continuing his fight in his reelection campaign for Congress.

Please divert all intended or remaining Presidential campaign donations to Pauls congressional campaign at Congressman Paul is currently in need of $400,000 for his congressional campaign to purchase ad space on radio, local television, and local newspapers in his congressional district.

Although Ron Paul may not have secured the nomination in the decaying Republican party, he still needs help in maintaining his seat in Texas from democrats and lesser-minded Republicans. Ignorance and thuggery may have triumphed on the national level but Pauls 14th district still needs him to fight for their causes in Washington.

Although there are those who still believe Dr. Paul can secure the GOP nomination, they need to realise that Ron Paul does not have enough delegates to force a brokered convention. This option is still available to candidates such as Mitt “The Corporate Whore” Romney and Mike “Fucks Bees” Huckabee based on the results pouring in tonight on Super Tuesday. I hate to say it but this is the beginning of the end for Ron Paul‘s presidential campaign and the start of his congressional campaign.

Well, the positive aspects of Paul’s one-man protest movement is that he managed to reignite a new generation of supporters to his vision of America, he has gained much greater recognition than he ever could have imagined from random John Stossel and Alex Jones interviews, and I would not be surprised to see him be a frequent commentator of the economy in the cable financial networks going forward. However, his newsletters and his White racialist supporters will continue to be a bane in his quest for a simplified and reformed government.

Regardless of his setbacks, Ron Paul has reintroduced politics to a formerly apathetic part of America. This was a the America that never imagined it would walk several miles just to vote for Dr. Paul at the local polling station, the part of America who never conceived of driving cross-country in a limousine promoting Ron Paul, the America that never expected to have spontaneous Ron Paul rallies to raise awareness, or the America that never thought it was possible to raise at least $6 million dollars on a single day.

These are proud achievements indeed and I was fortunate to be a part of some of these moments. Ron Paul may be knocked out by stupidity in the 2008 American Presidential Primaries, but his ideals, his support, and his movement will continue to grow and evolve from the ashes of his presidential campaign.

Now I hope Obama can at least knock Hillary out of the Super Tuesday and the remaining Democratic primaries.


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