The April 1st Money Bomb for Ron Paul’s Congressional Campaign

Our government consists of three major branches. Each of them are bound with the task of keeping the other in line and in accordance with the constitution. Today all three branches have failed at this task in one way or another. The difficult truth is that fixing just one branch of our government will not solve our nation’s problems.

As the promise of Ron Paul’s 2008 congressional reelection draws near, another opportunity also presents itself: the congressional elections. If we are going to be a movement, stronger and more likely to succeed than any one man or any one political race’s outcome, then we must seize all opportunities to fix our government. Ignoring this year’s congressional elections, at a time when our country needs real change more than ever before, is not a mistake we can afford.

No one can know the outcome of this years presidential election, but we do know that congressmen Ron Paul has a neo-con rival aiming to take his congressional seat.

Congressman Ron Paul must raise $500,000 to assure he has the funds needed for victory in the Republican primary. Over $100,000 has already been raised but more is still needed.

Please go to and donate as much as you can and please spread the word.

Best ways to promote..

Call 10 friends – We all have friends who are fellow Ron Paul supporters. Please call 10 of your friends and make sure they know about todays money bomb. Ask each of those ten friends to do the same.

Donate as much as you can EARLY! – Momentum is very important with a money bomb. By donating all of your money at once and earlier in the day you help create momentum that the press and blogosphere will pick up, creating even more donations throughout the day.

Post on Ron Paul related Blogs, News articles and Diggs – Visit Ron Paul blog posts, news articles and digg type sites (reddit as well:), respond to the posts with something relevant then close by mentioning that April 1st (April 1, 2008) is the money bomb day and to donate at now.

If we do these three things this day will be a tremendous success!!

Click here to go directly to Ron Paul’s Congressional donation page.

Click here to watch the donation counter.

We must act now to Defend the District!


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