Ron Paul’s money bombs…

I think people should stop making money bombs for Ron Paul’s moribund presidential campaign and instead focus on getting money bombs for his congressional re-election campaign so he can continue his fight as a Congressman. The February 18th money bomb for his presidential campaign will pale significantly compared to his 51st Wedding Anniversary bomb, which barely raked in $1 million, and the MLK money bomb before that, which barely took in $2 million. Ever since the Tea Party money bomb that raised $6 million, everything that has happened since the primaries began have gradually chipped away at the Ron Paul Revolution.

I have no regrets donating to past money bombs or even voting for Paul during Super Tuesday, but people need a reality check at this time. Help Dr. Paul by helping his congressional campaign, the Republican party has already drank the kool-aid by choosing McCain. Let these idiots commit political suicide because Ron Paul pointed out the GOP deserves a loss for becoming disconnected with America for their own deluded party ideals. We should also note that the Democratic primary turnouts have been consistently higher when compared to the state-by-state turnout by the Republican party.

Change is coming and the best thing Ron Paul supporters should do is:

A) Donate to Ron Paul’s congressional campaign so he does not lose his District’s congressional nomination to a pro-Bush neocon. We have failed to generate enough voters in the Presidential primaries. Let’s prevent another mistake from happening on Paul’s own turf.

B) Start dissuading conservatives, or independents from voting McCain this coming November. The GOP drank their kool-aid and it’s time they reaped the errors of their ways

C) Ensure that the lesser of two evils in the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama wins the primary. Dr. Paul has noted they share similarities in social views despite having strong differences over views in economics and state regulation.

That being said, it’s time to transition the Revolution into a leaner and more focused machine to help Paul get reelected in the Texas 14th district. The time is ripe to spread awareness of the Ron Paul Congressional Money Bomb scheduled for April 1st.

Best ways to promote Ron Paul’s April Fools Congressional Money Bomb

Call 10 friends – We all have friends who are fellow Ron Paul supporters. Please call 10 of your friends and make sure they know about todays money bomb. Ask each of those ten friends to do the same.

Donate as much as you can EARLY! – Momentum is very important with a money bomb. By donating all of your money at once and earlier in the day you help create momentum that the press and blogosphere will pick up, creating even more donations throughout the day.

Post on Ron Paul related Blogs, News articles and Diggs – Visit Ron Paul blog posts, news articles and digg type sites (reddit as well:), respond to the posts with something relevant then close by mentioning that today (January 21, 2008) is the money bomb day and to donate at now.

If we do these three things this day will be a tremendous success!!

Click here to go directly to Ron Paul’s Congressional donation page.

Click here to watch the donation counter.

We must act now to Defend the District!


5 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s money bombs…

  1. Here is what you don’t get…you didn’t FAIL to generate enough voters…you CAUSED the lack of voters by all the ridiculous delusional crap your posted. With every new website that launched, every YouTube video, every message board that you hijacked, Ron Paul lost more votes.

    So please…DO focus on his re-election now. Be just as feverish with this as you were for the last 6 months. It will GUARANTEE that he will lose.

    Of course, the fact that he openly has been telling his supporters to try to STEAL the nomination by having them declare themselves uncommitted, hopingthat they will be sent to the convention when other candidates win, is not going to help him much. A man who supposedly lives his life by democracy and the Constituion trying to subvert both doesn’t exactly get voters happy.

    Doesn’t matter to him though. this whole campaign was about getting gullible children to donate money so he could pay for a nationwide book tour. And that is just what he has done.

  2. Ron Paul spoke at the FreedomFest conference last year and he has been invited again this year to join our 100 plus speakers and 1,000 plus attendees in Las Vegas on July 10 -12. We must do what we can to get the message of liberty, a return to limited constitutional government and free markets out to the American public. See

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