The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 5

Brian Austin Green is Derek Reese, Kyle Reese’s brother and John Connor’s uncle in “Queen’s Gambit”. The episode begins with Sarah Connor thinking about her time in Central America and John’s interest in chess. The scene then returns to the present where Sarah getts a call from Andy who invites Sarah to watch his rebuilt Turk play in the SoCal chess tournament. Meanwhile John and Cameron start dealing with the death of the girl from the earlier episode.

Cromartie pays a visit to Charley Dixon to ask him about Sarah Connor’s whereabouts. Charley tells him that he has moved on and he remembered Sarah and John dying in a bank explosion. Cromartie as an FBI agent then hands him a business card and explains himself in an awkward fashion. Later that night Charley and his wife have a fight over his feelings for Sarah Connor to which he confesses meeting John earlier.

John becomes interested in a girl in high school but he is warned by Morris that the girl he likes has baggage and an abusive father. Cameron undergoes grief consoling and does not express any feelings towards the girl’s suicide.

Meanwhile, Sarah is at the tournament and learns that Andy has partnered with a Russian chessmaster to get the revised Turk working. John and Cameron make it to the tournament with a backup plan to kill Andy should his machine win the chess match. Fortunately Andy’s machine loses but he is found dead by Sarah just as a shady individual leaves the tournament. Believing the shady person to be the killer, Sarah tracks him down and fights him but backs off when he is caught by the police.

John hacks into the LAPD database and learns that the man is one of their resistance sleeper agents. Cameron adds that he is one of John’s best soldiers and Sarah plans on visiting him with a disguise. At the same time, a local T-888 finds the resistance fighter’s location and picks a fight with some cops to get arrested in the same jail. The first person to meet with the fight is Agent Ellison, who presents him with evidence of his comrade’s death and with deaths that are connected to the synthetic blood found in each crime scene. The man tells him that they are all going to die and Ellison tries to convince the local police to move him into federal custody.

Later Sarah manages to get into the jail posing as the man’s defence lawyer. The fighter tells her that he was not the one who killed Andy and that the Turk has gone missing; presumably with the Russian who also has military connections. He later advises Sarah to leave so she will not be targeted by the local T-888 who will kill him and then says that she looks better than in the picture. She asks about the picture since she only knows Kyle has it and he tells her that he is Derek Reese of the Reese brothers.

With this new piece of information, Sarah picks up John and Cameron from school with a plan to break Derek out during his prison transfer. Just as he is transferred, the T-888 breaks out of his cell to kill Derek at his cell before realising he was transferred out. Cameron stops the prison van and takes it over with Sarah as Derek continues to freak out over the terminator. The T-888 then shows up and Cameron fights it while Sarah continues driving out of danger. In this fight Cameron manages to sever the T-888’s hand but she is later knocked out. Just as the T-888 shoots Derek, Cameron knocks it out and proceeds to remove its CPU with household tools to “kill” it.

They then bring Derek back to their safehouse where he is in critical condition. Sarah wants to kidnap a doctor to save him but John objects until he learns that he is his future uncle. Sarah does what she can but it is no use until John comes back with Charley Dixon, who is shocked to see Sarah.

Agent Ellison investigates the breakout and is amazed that a short girl managed to successfully break his prisoner out. He then notices the T-888’s severed hand lying in the sidewalk from the earlier fight.


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