The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 7

The episode starts with Cameron dressed as a police officer breaking into a local power plant to trigger a citywide blackout. She then drives to the police station to search for the severed T-888 hand but notices that Agent Ellison has taken it for examination as Sarah visits Andy’s grave. Using this information, Sarah calls the local FBI office to get clarification of the missing evidence, which Ellison later denies taking, and orders Cameron to track down Dimitry, who had the Turk.

Cameron enrolls in a ballet class to get close to Dimitry’s sister in the hopes of getting information from her. She notices that Dimitry’s sister is in trouble with the Russian mafia because of her brother and Cameron offers to help him if Dimitry gives her information about the Turk.

In his home, Agent Ellison pours over past videos of Sarah Connor’s time in Pescadero as seen in “Terminator 2” and starts to suspect that Sarah may be sane after looking at the severed hand. He makes a visit to Pescadero to examine Sarah Connor’s cell and then goes to contact Dr. Silberman since he is the only one who is still around in the area. Meanwhile, Sarah breaks into Ellison’s home to find the hand but instead steals one of her videos taken during her time at the mental asylum.

Sarah comes home with a stolen tape and asks John to find Silberman’s latest address. John secretly steals the tape and gets very upset over it because it was the tape that shows Sarah signing custody of John away to his foster parents. Sarah later learns about John viewing the tape and asks Derek to talk to John when he is back. Later John tells Derek that he grew up in a bad environment after Sarah was taken away and that he was almost adopted by his foster parents until he got them killed in “Terminator 2”. Derek assures John that people sometimes make bad decisions when they are heavily isolated.

Agent Ellison decides to pay Silberman a visit to learn more about Sarah Connor. While having a chat about what Silberman saw in “Terminator 2,” Ellison realises he is becoming drowsy after drinking Silberman’s tea. He later wakes up to find himself tied up with Silberman accusing him of being a terminator despite Ellison’s claims that he is an FBI agent and with reminders that assaulting him will result in life in Federal prison. The doctor ignores Ellison’s pleas and stabs him in the leg to see if he has any metal parts on him. After realising he made a mistake, Silberman apologises and Ellison tries to get on his good side by telling him about the severed hand stored in his car.

Silberman goes to examine Ellison’s car and sees the T-888’s severed hand and decides to burn his house with Ellison in it. Apparently, Silberman believes that Sarah Connor’s stories and the Book of Revelation are one and the same and he has gone insane after seeing the T-1000 walk through guard rails as seen in “Terminator 2”. While on his way out, the doctor bumps into Sarah Connor who knocks him out, retrieves the hand and saves Ellison from the fire. Later Ellison interrogates Silberman in the rain about the hand but Silberman claims that it was Sarah who took it back.

Meanwhile, Dimitry’s sister brings Cameron to a motel where his brother is hiding. Cameron offers to give him a diamond if he tells her what he did with the Turk and Dimitry tells her that he rigged the chess tournament to pay off some debts. He also adds that he had sold the Turk to someone for $20,000 and hands her the contact’s business card. Afterwards, Cameron walks away from the room just as loan sharks come in to kill Dimitry and his sister.

Sarah eventually talks to John about the tape. She tells him the tape was made the day she made her attempted breakout shown on “Terminator 2” which was the same time he and the T-800 came to get her. She adds that she made a snap decision to breakout after signing the papers because she could not bring herself to losing John.

The episode ends with Ellison committing Silberman to Pescadero, Silberman in a Bible study while having visions of Sarah saving him, Cameron learning more ballet, and Derek being amused at Cameron’s attempts to pass as a human.


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