Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Episode 1

The first episode of the final season of Battlestar Galactica picks up exactly where season 3 ended.   It turns out that Kara Thrace is real and Lee was not imagining her.  While at the bridge Tigh starts imagining himself killing Adama when given orders but realises that he has been zoning out.  The other final four are still fearful of having sleeper programming like Boomer did in the early seasons.

At the hangar, Sam continues to doubt himself until Galen reminds him that they have chosen to be loyal to the human cause.  That being said, Sam sorties with the rest of the VIPERs and begins battling the Cylons.  During the battle one of the Cylon raiders kamikazes into a civilian cruiser, killing 600 humans.

In the battle one of the raiders manages to scan Sam, which prompts the entire Cylon fleet to withdraw from combat.  Once Kara returns to the Galactica, she is greeted warmly by Sam and Lee but is viewed with suspicion by Roslin and Adama, who suspect she may be a Cylon ruse.

Upon her return to the battlestar, Kara is oblivious that she has been “dead” for nearly 2 months and that her VIPER was shown to be destroyed on video.  She keeps making claims that she has seen Earth, the “yellow star (sun)” while crossing through a “gas giant with rings (Saturn)” before returning to the heat of combat.  Most of the crew are skeptical and doubt Kara’s claims.  Also, Thrace is shown to have major headaches everytime the fleet jumps because she claims that they are going the wrong way and only she can feel the right path to Earth.

Meanwhile Baltar has been whisked away by his followers who we learn are part of a cult based on Baltar’s teaching.  Some parallels are made between Baltar and Jesus with his rantings about a “One true God” and his prayers for God to spare a sick child’s life for his own.  It seems like Baltar has attracted a cult of young free spirits who are drawn to his ideas of monotheism without realising it is based on Cylon influences.

Baltar is later attacked in the bathroom by two men who still harbour grudges over his rule in New Caprica.

Roslin visits an imprisoned Number Six to ask her about the Final Five.  Number Six tells the President that she can feel their presence within Galactica.  This implies that Kara is the 5th Cylon as Number Six never had this feeling until her return.

While examining Kara’s VIPER, Galen finds that the fighter is brand new and that there is no data of any sort on the ship’s computers.  This implies that it could be a Cylon ruse reinforced by the fact that there is video of Kara’s original VIPER exploding and Lee as the witness.

The other final Four Cylons are discussing their nature in private.   Sam and Galen bring up the potential problem of Cylon programming kicking in just like what happened with Boomer.  Tigh vows to not harm Adama and makes it a point by leaving the discussion without his sidearm.

Kara and Sam visit Kara’s memorial in the ship.  Sam tells her that he still loves her regardless of what she is while Kara says she would kill Sam if he really was a Cylon.  While they are talking, the fleet makes another jump and Kara gets another headache.  She then decides that she must speak with Roslin and even knocks out her guards and Sam to get to the President’s quarters.

The episode ends with Kara cocking and pointing a gun at the President.


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