The “Free Tibet” Protesters

Earlier today, some “Free Tibet” crowds and stereotypical Frenchmen decided to crash the apolitical Olympic torch relay. Many of them just protested and gave the torch runners a very hard time while a few were dumb enough to bring fire extinguishers to kill the Olympic flame.

That’s smart. Really, really smart guys. Even if you guys manage to extinguish the Olympic flame and brag all about it in the name of human rights or Tibet, nothing will change in Tibet before, during and after the fact. Actually the Olympic flame was extinguished three times during the Paris leg of the relay and they had to resort to secure backup flames to keep the momentum going.

In one instance, rioters ruthlessly attack a handicapped female torch bearer, who attempts to shield the torch with her body. This is simply disgusting, filthy, vile, and contemptible especially from the “Free Tibet” movement.

Was Tibet magically liberated as a result of these Olympic “riots” with monks, nuns, and nomads singing and dancing while clubbing random Han Chinese to death? I think not; but random Chinese people and private property are still being ravaged by pissed-off Tibetans.

It’s really one thing to protest at the Chinese government for mistreating them. I really have no objections to Tibetans doing a peaceful, non-violent protest targeted specifically at government buildings or uniformed officials. Hell, I would even back them or write to support the Tibetans if they actually went about their struggle in this manner.

But no, these kids just took the easy way out. First possibly at the covert approval of the Dalai Lama and the CIA, disgruntled Tibetans started first destroying businesses and private property in various cities, randomly attacked anyone who was either Chinese or did not “look” Tibetan, yet avoided confronting the government they so loathed. Seriously, this is just a cop out and a move to simply bait the Chinese government into a violent reaction, which worked to an extent.

Things got so bad that not even a sane Tibetan bothered to go out in the streets for fear of being randomly attacked, and some Tibetans went out of their way to put up white flags near their property to let others know they really are Tibetan (so they won’t get thrashed).

Ultimately, the people in France who wanted to see this rare relay missed out, and the “Free Tibet” activists claim another hollow victory. It’s a hollow victory because there are no immediate positive outcomes and no long-term benefits to Tibetans despite the empty claims of victory. It will only reaffirm the CCP’s need to take stronger measures against Tibetans and it may even generate disgust at their movement from non-Chinese.


5 thoughts on “The “Free Tibet” Protesters

  1. Newsflash: China doesnt really care what they do. Dont these protesters have jobs or are they just full-time protesters living off mom and dad?

  2. The protesters have JOBS! They don’t live with their mothers!!!! They have decent paid jobs by the Free Tibetan Movement. They are paid an above minimum wage salary to protest for the freedom of Tibet. With health benefits and all paid by the Free Tibetan Movement’s major donor Richard Gere; thats why they can afford to jump on girls on wheelchairs and not have to worry about serious injury or medical bills for that matter.

  3. he third torchbearer in the Paris leg, Jin Jing, who was disabled and carried the torch on a wheelchair, was assaulted several times by pro-Tibetan protestors. One protestor threw himself onto the wheelchair and punched her chin and her amputated right leg and attempted to wrench the torch away. Another rushed at her before being pushed off by a policeman.

    In interviews, Jin Jing said that she was “tugged at, scratched” and “kicked”, but that she “did not feel the pain at the time.” She received praise from international and Chinese media for her courage. The Chinese government gave the comment that “the Chinese respect France a lot” but “Paris [has slapped] its own face.”

    The “Free Tibet” movement is a real class act…

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