Spared Disappointment

It’s always good to know that one is on good terms with others be it for personal or professional contacts. Not too long ago, someone I knew in a professional environment was spewing crap about people I knew both within and outside of the office. Many of these comments really upset me and was most likely meant to drive a wedge in my working relationship with those people (he failed). There were other things but I even made the choice to leave after I became a casualty of office politics where that same idiot who was spewing crap benefited himself at my expense.

Fortunately, I was able to maintain good relations with my colleagues, which I visited earlier when I changed careers. They were still as friendly as before and things seem to be going well for them. After having some small talk I brought up some reasons why I ultimately left that company and the person responsible for my unpleasant tenure there. As the conversation went deeper I went on to state some things the guy said that ticked me off and some of it directly concerned them.  They had a right to know what was being said behind their backs.

Most of the stuff was later confirmed to be true and there was just general disgust at the fact that these things were mentioned in the first place.

The fact that there was some truth to it all wasn’t a surprise. There were things that had happened in the past that compelled me to avoid disappointment. Although the truth left me with an awkward feeling, I was still glad to have visited. As I got home, the thought kept festering and it was just unpleasant and awkward even though it should not concern me at all.

I slept on the train ride home, I played Wii Boxing for an hour, did a hundred push-ups and even tried reading. None of these things worked and not when I had a brief talk with a close friend over this and some other things. Yes, I did save myself from disappointment today.


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