Free Tibet movement is fueled by ignorance

Yes the world allowed Nazi Germany to host the Olympics in 1936.  Again “Free Tibet” supporters are idiots and many of them cannot find Tibet on the map if their very lives depended on it.


15 thoughts on “Free Tibet movement is fueled by ignorance

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  2. I think by “we” they meant “we” like us, like people right now. People living right now would not let the Nazis host the Olympics. American didn’t have a good idea behind what Hitler and his machine had in mind in 1936. Our American soldiers were the witnesses that brought word of these crimes out to the world. China has killed or “disappeared” over 1 million Tibetans since it invaded Tibet in 1951. The legitimate government of Tibet lives in exile.

    China is occupying Tibet. They say they have held Tibet since the dawn of time, while the Tibetans have only been there a for a few thousand years. Tibet had developed its own customs, cultures, religion, leadership, etc. Yes, it could be decribed as “feudal” as the Chinese like to remind the world, but Tibet wasn’t complaining. China didn’t “liberate” it took over, killed thousands (by now millions) and won’t let go. It counts on shallow-thinking for support.

    A man wrote a letter to the editor in my local newspaper last week claiming that Tibet was “backwards” and so, it needed to be “liberated” by China, even if that includes killing Tibetans.

    And so perhaps you’d like to interpret this protest sign as ignorant. Fine. But the bigger, more important picture, is that China is a huge human rights abuser, and doesn’t make any apologies for it. I see the protester comparing mass murder to mass murder.

  3. oh, and BTW, you can find a sign you interpret to be ignorant, then extrapolate that the entire movement, which has gone on for decades, is ignorant? Please do a little more reflecting on this absurdity.

  4. Alright, having looked your site over a bit closer, I can see that having a different opinion from the Chinese governments would be futile.

    Too bad, I liked the BSG thread. You did a great job with that one.

  5. It looks like someone is overanalysing my post. If you look at the protest sign, it is amusing in the sense that certain protesters are willing to make such outrageous signs without doing their research.

    Free Tibet protesters are so peaceful. They are so peaceful in fact they are willing to beat up a disabled Olympic torchbearer – – and extinguish the Olympic flame. Great job guys, you only prove the CCP is right in their handling of Tibet and the West along with useful idiots like these non-Tibetan “Free Tibet” protesters/supporters.

    This already ties in with the lack of knowledge of Tibet with some examples of protesters not being able to find it on the map when asked by an American journalist and talking about the area despite having no knowledge of the actual living conditions or interviewing recent Tibetan exiles/refugees.

    Human rights is a double-standard. Americans often whine about China yet they turn a blind eye to their ongoing abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan and their “enemy combatants” in Guantanamo Bay. It seems like Sinophobia is the trend in the coming decade for Americans…while Islamophobia is just in the early part of this century.

  6. My question is where were these tibetan protestors when China first occupyed Tibet? If I recall it was basicly richard geer standing alone for Tibet. It’s not like this is a new thing that’s just happend. Keep up all your posts lifeinmotion. I like to read them.

  7. “Reductio ad Hitlerum” a well-known logical fallacy that nearly always fails. It is one based on emotion and attempting to enforce guilt by association. Nobody wants to be a “Nazi,” so the docile masses are thus goaded into agreement with the politically correct majority.

  8. I just want you to know. I THINK YOU ARE AWESOME. Especially your posts about Tibet. They’re also really hilarious.

    ROCK ON (:

  9. The third torchbearer in the Paris leg, Jin Jing, who was disabled and carried the torch on a wheelchair, was assaulted several times by pro-Tibetan protestors. One protestor threw himself onto the wheelchair and punched her chin and her amputated right leg and attempted to wrench the torch away. Another rushed at her before being pushed off by a policeman.

    In interviews, Jin Jing said that she was “tugged at, scratched” and “kicked”, but that she “did not feel the pain at the time.” She received praise from international and Chinese media for her courage. The Chinese government gave the comment that “the Chinese respect France a lot” but “Paris [has slapped] its own face.”

    The “Free Tibet” movement is a real class act…

  10. LIM, here is a valid counterpoint:

    In the U.S., no government is infallible. Regarding Gitmo, Lawsuits had been filed to the Supreme Court and wre decided against the government. See Rumsfeld v. Hamdan.

    Regarding Abu Ghraib, you found it out by an American magazine source called the New Yorker and a TV show called 60 Minutes. Americans take pride in uncovering the faults of their own government. Photos were published by an American press. It is part of investigative journalism.

    I am constantly reading the English version of the China Daily. If not mistaken, the daily is the official mouthpiece for the government right? Do you see any paper in the U.S. bearing that name stand?

    The New York Times? It uncovered the domestic wiretap issue. It printed the damnest critique of the Iraq WMD theory with Joseph Wilson yellow cake report.

    The Washington Post? It uncovered the paranoia of Dick Cheney in “The Angler” series. It discovered the secret program called rendition.

    * * *

    I would love to see a newspaper critiquing the Beijing government and survive the wrath.

    But, god-forbid should we talk about Tibet. How dare we talk about it especially during the Olympics year?

    Let’s make a point to talk about especially during the Olympics year. It is, after all, the year China thinks it fianlly joined the First World country. Welcome to the Club, where we jump into everyone’s business in better hope of a correction.

  11. free tibet? ain’t gonna happen. What can the U.S. army do? Win vietnam war? Mission complete in Iraq? Win Korean war? No, they lost all of these. U.S. government just putting out this hype to aid “sinophobia”. If 90% of americans would like the us military to actually go overseas there, government would say no. Why? Cuz the whole point was to raise sinophobia, not get natural resources in tibet.

  12. Why do Free Tibet kids keep circle-jerking themselves to films about Tibet or student movements instead of helping Tibetans help themselves? You you guys could raise loans to help Tibetans start Tibetan restaurants, Tibetan apparel stores or even Tibetan credit unions. At the most extreme, you kids can start funneling weapons and goods to Tibet or the refugees areas…Instead all you kids do is troll on the Internets to whoever has a unconventional opinion of Tibet, or continue bitching about the evil CCP-Chinese while getting off on films like “Kundun” or “Seven Years in Tibet”.

    The 2008 Olympics came and went. China is still here and Tibet is even worse off thanks to the protests in Tibet and abroad…

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