Free Tibet…From Retarded Protesters

1. Free Tibet… from the education system, healthcare system, and flourishing infrastructure that China introduced?

2. Free Tibet… from the secular government that abolished Tibet’s traditional feudal theocracy?

3. Free Tibet… from the roughly 2.5 billion dollars that China pumps into Tibet each year to build its infrastructure and fund its government expenditures?

4. Free Tibet… from taxes? What taxes? There are no taxes! The Chinese government pours its own money into assisting and improving Tibet without even levying taxes in return.

5. Free Tibet… by charging and assaulting a disabled Olympic torch bearer and attempting to wrestle the Olympic torch from her?

6. Free Tibet… by trampling on the rights of athletes, organizers, volunteers, and everyone who put so much work into the 2008 Olympics to enjoy the fruits of their labor?

7. Free Tibet… by vocally and violently sowing the seeds of dissent and division at a venue that is supposed to promote unity?

8. Free Tibet… by pulling publicity stunts that agitate the Chinese government, anger the Chinese people, and thus cause those currently governing Tibet to resent Tibet even more?

9. Free Tibet… by wildly waving around the flag of Tibet like a handkerchief of Eurocentric righteousness (by the way, those flags are probably made in China so you’re actually supporting the Chinese government)?

10. Free Tibet… by inappropriately and unabashedly using the Olympic Games as a bulletin board for sensationalist “FREE [insert word here]” slogans?

Come on, at least bother to look up Tibet on Wikipedia before running your mouth about “freeing” Tibet. The idea of “freeing” Tibet so it can return to its feudal (5% aristocracy, 95% slaves / serfs) theocracy (ruled by the Dalai Lama and monks) in the name of democracy and human rights tickles me.

The idea of promoting “human rights” by disrespecting the rights of athletes, organizers, volunteers, and everyone who worked so hard for the 2008 Olympic Games to enjoy the fruits of their labor reeks of hypocrisy.

Finally, and most importantly, the 2008 Beijing Olympics is a cultural event, not a political one, and in attacking it, you are not protesting a government, but disrespecting a people. In America, you have the freedom of speech, but I do not recall the freedom of stupidity.

I believe that China has made tremendous progress as a nation, in the world and in Tibet. I concede that it has its shortcomings, but in that sense, they are not so different from other world powers.

This whole China-Tibet / Beijing Olympics fiasco has placed unduly, undeservedly, and unnecessarily excessive negative attention on China. It does neither helps the Tibetans nor the Olympics, but unifies people against each other.

It is to my belief that their actions are both ineffective to the Tibetan cause and infuriating to the Chinese people. Their arguments only reflect their ignorance, gullibility, prejudice, hypocrisy, and sensationalism.

The China-Tibet issue is periphery; the protestor problem is secondary. The true and core issue at hand is ignorance.


3 thoughts on “Free Tibet…From Retarded Protesters

  1. You are quite smart for figuring out how the Olympics is becoming a leverage against China. But you discounted the brewing agitation the critics have on China regarding Tibet long before the Olympics. Calling them ignorant doesn’t even begin to decompress the issue. In fact, it showed that you do not comprehend their raison d’etre.

    If the Chinese nationalists did not let the critics get under their skin there would not be much of a problem. Those would be pesky words and sounds.

    And is it ever so wise to beat up on the people that had came to represent the symbolic peace icon? It served the British nothing but ill when it stampeded with Ghandi. If you pay attention to the Dalai Lama’s careful message crafting all of these years, he had been on point as ever: Our Tibet people will continue to demonstrate peacefully.

    Those images you see people smashing down shops, to many, they are non-Tibetans. If you ask around, Tibetans equate monks in casa and saron, not baseball caps and jeans. So to combat the misperception, the Chinese government decided to shut out the media such as CNN? Very wise.

    The more I think into the PR fallout, the more I have realized the inept capability of the Beijing government in dealing with myths and misperceptions. The Dalai Lama had gotten better and better and will continue to do so as long as China plays the brute character his Holiness paints it to be.

    The problem also stemmed from how unsophisticated the Beijing leaders deal with the “Western” media. They are used to one state one newspaper sort of deal. Now, when the world begins to scrutinize Beijing, what does it do? It points fingers at the little monk in exile.

    Consider this: China had lost its power to shape its image to the Dalai Lama. And this is just the first round.

  2. to nightingale:
    Only stupid and ignorant people give complete support to people who play political games with pity. Just about all the white people who support free tibet and can’t even point out where tibet is on map are. They are pitying those who once were on top of tibet with money and power but crying out for freedom because they’ve losted them. History been made for over 50 years. Tibet is legally part of China and that is the story. Hell all smart criminals create peaceful and positive public images of themselves while hiding their ugly past. Like those Nazi who didn’t get caught after WWII. I suggest you actually spend time into researching the history between Tibet and China before you open your mouth again. You only proved the OP right by showing your own ignorance.

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