My funk is over.

It was a rather odd week today at work and in life. My weekend funk stemming from last Friday didn’t seem to affect me at first but it was actually affecting my focus. I have to be clear that it is not the fault of anyone that I met recently who was involved in my past, it’s just that certain things were bothering me at the time. I went out on Sunday and had a good time.  That night out was a good reminder that things are going well in the here and now.

So at work, I was actually surprised that the people I knew in the buried past still assured me that I am in relatively good terms with them and it seems that non-Quebecois education they had paid off. Some of the people I knew were still cool though I kind of killed that small talk with updates of my unlearning of French and some bad memories. Oh well, c’est la vie or that’s life.

So I got feedback this week at work as a result of this lack of focus but I fixed most of the crap I created by the end of the week. Then there was the Friday night dinner and there were some cultural misunderstandings. My French buddy told me it wouldn’t be a big deal for him but apparently holding hands means a lot in certain non-Western cultures. I really need to not act “American” going forward in these outings, and space things out.

Oh yeah, Battlestar Galactica only gets better. Cally is dead, Baltar is Cylon Jesus, and Kara Thrace is the crazy Final Cylon.

Yeah, it was an interesting week and it should be fun again once Sunday comes around despite the rain and gloom.


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