A Sunday’s Sunday

So after a night out at my Argentine uncle-in-law’s big birthday bash, I am at home relaxing after that night.  The party was nice in that nearly all of my in-law’s immediate family from Argentina, friends, and other family members were there.  The party was at a Portuguese restaurant where we had unlimited sangria, and fine Portuguese food. It was a long night out, but it was fun for what it was.

Now it’s just a slow Sunday where I stayed home and did almost nothing but watch movies and slept.  I finally got the time to watch “Trading Places” starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd.  This was supposedly one of the movies that got people interested in investing like “Wall Street” except “Trading Places” focused on commodities.

The two Duke brothers in the movie reminded me of the power structure that has caused the rest of America so much grief.  The brothers are wealthy, elitist, and often patronise all minorities for their own amusement yet they control much of the wealth and influence in the country.  One of the themes in “Trading Places” was the debate on nature versus nurture.  The question they pose is whether someone is successful purely on the basis of genetics or from the environment.

The film shows that it is the environment that is major factor in allowing for opportunities.  Also, the protagonists’ personalities also are another factor for success.  Despite coming from a bad environment, Eddie Murphy’s character still retains his ethics and the will to succeed when the opportunity arises.  Conversely, Dan Ackroyd’s character also remains motivated to regain his quality of life when things go wrong for him.  The main issue of this film is the recurring racism the Duke brothers exhibit from the way they treat ethnic minorities and using outdated beliefs in their arguments.

I digress yet those are some things I noticed when watching the movie.  The Duke brothers represent the still-existing power structure that controls all the wealth and influence in America and people can succeed if they develop in a stable environment that can expand their future opportunities.

Another thing about “Trading Places” is the way they present commodities investing through the main characters.  Dan Ackroyd’s character seems to represent the technical side of the process since he is always shown as being excellent in reading trading patterns, and prices while Eddie Murphy’s character is more focused on the fundamentals since he lacks formal education but is able to see the “big picture” in trends and analyse the direct impact of those trends on the average consumer.  Well, that’s enough overanalysing and this film is one of the reasons why people can gain an interest in commodities.


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