Bush For President-For-Life!

Bush the blessed American hero!
By Right-wing Larry

This is an outrage! Just because Bush supporters have a lower average IQ than Obama supporters does not make them any less holy. Bush followers are like Jesus’s disciples; Holy men who realize that Bush was chosen by God to lead us to victory over evil. I cannot imagine anyone getting angry with Bush since he is a man of God, if not God himself. To get mad at Bush is to get mad at God and that is bad. It seems like Bush will have to love all those who hate him with B-52 bombers to make them think clearly and see the light.

We must instead get mad and love our enemies like former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and installed dictator Saddam with bombs and torture, the way Jesus would have liked us to do. Truly, people who think for themselves are evil and are with the devil. Jesus and Bush will work side by side to bomb the living crap out of our enemies. When Jesus says love thy enemy, he means love them with B-52 bombers and Bush clearly understands that.

Support the troops in Iraq since in a year we will all be in Iran with them; most of all support your President. Bush is truly excellent and a perfect being as God created him. Therefore, we must all learn to shut up and worship him as well to be holy and one with God. Absolute faith requires that one blindly follows Bush and must trust that Bush’s way as the only and right way to Heaven. Thank God we have God’s supreme son Bush leading the country to victory over evil.

Bush is loved by 59,054,087 patriotic Americans

Bush is God’s chosen one to lead us to victory over the rest of sinful humanity. Before Bush, we were a pathetic, liberal nation of sex, sin, and evil. Now that Bush is our president we are once again a nation of supreme faith and holiness. We no longer care about making profits or money. Thank God for Enron, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group; all these holy companies will lead us to triumph over evil.

How can someone ever hate Bush? It is not as if he started a war for no reason or has many scandals. Also, it is not like he bankrupted the country into the largest national deficit in United States history. It is not as if the gap between the poor and middle class and the rich is getting wider. Like our famous beloved Nazi Arnold says, stop being such “economic girly men!”

Some people say that Bush benefited from 9-11 politically, but that cannot be true since Bush is perfect, is loved by all, and does not sin. Bush is beyond Enron, money or greed; Bush must be respected. The Patriot Act will allow us all to love Bush and worship him correctly; too many rights only lead to sin and that is bad.

Bush has restored faith into our blessed nation!

For those North Koreans who are starving to death, I say that Bush will love you as well, just not now. Bush could liberate and spread freedom to your country but God has told Bush not yet. Before Bush will liberate and eliminate WMD’s from North Korea, he must first conquer a country that has no WMD’s first in order to teach North Korea a lesson. I believe Jesus has instructed our great leader Bush to wait another 10 years before he will liberate the starving people and the WMD’s from that unholy dictator.

For all those innocent Iraqis that died, Bush saved them and now they are in Heaven. Therefore, Bush is truly a compassionate conservative and loves everyone. There are many ways to love someone and sometimes bombing people into Heaven is the fastest and right thing to do as John Ashcroft, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, and Ariel Sharon will all agree.

Real Americans voted by Real American traditions!

Bush is the future and everyone must love him. There can be no dissent. It is un-American to disagree and we must all follow Bush to glory. Praise God for giving us a leader like Bush! Truly, I say unto thee, we must all vote for his successor John McCain in 2008 and 2012, Amen.


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