China Earthquake Relief – Update

Updated Nationwide Casualties:
Over 50,000 lives lost (estimated) and 22,069 of them have been confirmed; 14,000 buried, 60,000+ trapped, 166,045 injured. Thousands of victims are students under 17.
We have following VERIFIED options to donate for the earthquake relief:

1. China Red Cross 中国红十字总会 (Chinese Site)

If connection fails, please try

Visa card acceptable.




2. Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, please write a check and put “5.12 Sichuan earthquake donation” as the memo.

Mailing Address:
Consul Yan Li
Education Office,
The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China,
1450 Laguna street, San Fransisco, CA 94115.

The consulate will forward your donation to China Red Cross

3. Chinese Consulate in Houston
Acceptable:check/money order/cashier’s check
Payable to:Chinese Consulate General in Houston
Memo: Earthquake donation, 捐款救灾
Address:811 Holman Street, Houston, TX 77002

4. Chinese Consulate in New York (Chinese) (English)

5. Chinese Embassy in UK (Chinese) (English)

6. Chinese Embassy in Australia (English)

Your ENTIRE contribution is guaranteed to go to the earthquake relief directly if you choose above options. However, for convenience, if you prefer to pay online, you can try the following. Administrative or transactional fee may apply.

Other options:

* International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) 国际红十字会 (English, Francais and Espanol)

Credit card acceptable. Click on “how to help”–>”online donations” –> “China Earthquake”

* Hongkong Red Cross 香港红十字会 (English and Chinese)

Visa and Master card acceptable. Donation amount in HK dollars.

* American Red Cross 美国红十字会 (English)

Major rredit cards acceptable.

* Canadian Red Cross 加拿大红十字会 (English, Francais)

Credit Card or Interac Online Payment Service

* British Red Cross

Donation in GBP only and major credit cards acceptable.

* Mercy Corps (English)

Major credit card acceptable. US dollars only.

* Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network (SVTN) 硅谷清华联网 (English Site)

(1). Donate by wire transfer:
Bank name: Washington Mutual
Payee title: SVTN (special fund for earthquake relief)
Routing #: 322271627
Acct #: 3170415745
Address: 690 RIVER OAKS PKWY, SAN JOSE, CA 95134-1905

(2). Donate by check:
Attn: China Earthquake Relief
P. O. Box 1295, Fremont, CA 94538-0129

Please make your check payable to SVTN and indicate “China Earthquake Relief” in the memo area.

(3). Donate by Paypal:
Please pay to:
Pay to China Earthquake Relief .

* Company Matching Program (applicable to some US companies)

You can refer to a topic at the discussion board on this donation option.

大部分美国公司都有Matching Gift Program for慈善捐款,通常是1:1或更多。也就是说,你捐100,公司也捐100。


Currently, 6 known companies are willing to match your donation to SVTN : Google, Yahoo, Spansion, Qualcomm, eBay, HP.

It is required to add Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network into your company’s database for matching purpose. The process to add SVTN into your company’s database might take 2 day to 2 months. But you could make your donation today and send the matching request to your company HR department.

Also, please remember, company matching program do not send check for individual donation. They will collect all employee donations in certain period. Then, the company will send us a check. Typically, they send one check per quarter. We will send our company matching money to China Red Cross.

Please visit for more info.


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