Japan Day in New York City

Japan Day was held today at Central Park near the entrance at 98th Street and 5th Avenue.  This year’s events consisted of some traditional concerts and pop culture concerts, a robot exhibit, some free food and free canned tea.

I met up with the rest of my friends around the afternoon no thanks to delays in PATH but we all got there in time.  After we all got together, we went to find a picnic area around the Japan Day section of the park and went about having our picnic.  Some of the friends prepared rice balls, some fruit salad, and some crackers.  The food was good and it was a nice sunny day to relax after a hectic week at work.

The free tea they were giving away was great.  The flavours they offered were white tea, green tea, and darjeeling tea.  I preferred the darjeeling and the green teas over the white flavoured ones.  Instead of watching the various performances and concerts we spent most of our time just chilling in the picnic area and enjoying the scenery.  Later, two of my friends joined us before we went around the exhibits.

The performances were very lively and the crowd was excited by them.  However, there were a few Japanophiles who were just acting like rude punks while some people were performing.  Most of them were wearing Naruto, or some weird Japanese costume and jumping around like idiots while some random people watch in amusement or took pictures of it.  Other than that it was fun.

Most of the exhibits were closing shop around 3:00 PM while the final acts were performing on stage.  The funny thing was two other friends showed up just as things were wrapping up.  They had made the fatal error of trying to drive to New York from Bergen county when today was also the day for the Israel’s 60th Anniversary festivities, Japan Day, some NYPD event, and random tourists coming to Manhattan on the weekend.  As a a result it took them about 3 hours to get here and all they could do was just enjoy the leftover picnic food.

After the Japan Day festival ended, we headed out to the East Village for some fast Japanese food, some gourmet pudding desert, and some shopping at the Sunrise mart before calling it a night.    The weather actually got hotter as the night went on instead of cooling down.  Today was a fun day, and it looks like this is the start of the summer season.

On a sad note, I really am disappointed with Puerto Rico for voting for Hillary.  Do these people really want McCain to win in 2008 or are they just brainwashed like the rest of the Hillary supporters?


Hillary Clinton has said her fight for the Democratic presidential nomination will go on after winning a largely symbolic victory in Puerto Rico.

With only two state contests left to fight, she is trailing Barack Obama by 1,915 delegate votes to 2,070, according to AP’s rolling count.


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