My July 4th Weekend

My weekend holiday was great.  I went to see Wall-E with my girlfriend who later treated me to a surprise dinner at a traditional Japanese tea house near St Mark’s Place. to celebrate my promotion at work.

Wall-E was a cute movie that had a very serious message.  I really enjoyed the short before the movie as well.  The robot, Wall-E, does remind me of a cute Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit” while EVE looks like something Apple designed if they had the spare time and money.

Saturday was a night out at the East Village at a hookah lounge called “Sultana”

Sultana Cafe
128 E 4th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-7678‎,+NY&fb=1&cid=14778458480028245273&li=lmd&z=14&iwloc=A

The Cafe has a very cozy atmosphere with freshly prepared Middle Eastern food along with a variety of flavoured tobacco for the hookah. We got there a bit early before it became crowded when it was around 9:00 PM.

We got a bit carried away smoking about 2-3 hours of hookah but it was fun. The owner was very courteous and he knows how to make his customers have a memorable experience.

Sunday was a day out to see “WANTED” starring Brad Pitt’s “Life Partner” and the White guy from the Idi Amin movie.  Parts of the movie where the main character was working at the office really reminded me of my final 6 months at Arbinet before I switched careers. After the movies, it was a random walk down Times Square before heading out.

Glad my first week implementing email campaigns for my client is coming to a close…


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