Chen Shuibian Gets His Ass Kicked

Former president Chen Shuibian was kicked as he entered the Taipei District Court yesterday to defend himself in a defamation lawsuit filed by personnel connected to the purchase of Lafayette frigates in 1990. … as Chen entered the district court with security guards at 9:45am, a 65-year-old man named Su An-sheng managed to get close enough to kick Chen in the hip.

Su was held by security guards and police officers arrested him and took him to a police station for questioning. Su is a member of the pro-unification Patriot Association and would be charged with causing bodily harm if Chen filed a lawsuit against him. In the meantime, the Taipei District Court has detained Su for three days for violating the Social Order and Maintenance Act. Su can appeal the decision.

65-year-old Su An-sheng has a prior criminal record that included murder. Last month, a Taiwan fishing boat sunk after a collision with a Japanese navy ship. When Taiwan’s representative to Japan Koh Se-kai returned to Taiwan, Su pushed him in the street.


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