I am tired

It is liberating at times for me.  I was able to go out and enjoy myself and meet some cool people along the way.

It is possible that this will be exported into facebook, but their stalker-feeds only give alerts to blogs written directly from facebook.

I finally got Grand Theft Auto 4 after 2 months of not getting it after I had finished Metal Gear Solid 4.  The game is very much a recreation of New York City and Jersey.  So far the game has been great.

One thing that I did notice in going to these business or ethnic networking events are the random White people that show up.  Somehow this group of White guys were referred to the events from one of their Chinese language meetups and are there to hopefully find a nice Asian ladyfriend.  In any event, the girls there are not exactly there for love, but just to make friends and to see where it goes.

It was good to know most of the girls there were sane enough to not get drawn by the White guys with yellow fever.  At the same time, there were also some insecure Asian males who were acting up.  One guy was just too aggressive while talking to the girl, trying to make a move too fast and too soon instead of just spending part of the night talking and finishing off with a number exchange.

That guy got burned and the girl now thinks he could be a “crazed bus passenger”. Ok, that was way too soon, but you get the idea.

I am going to take a cue from that Japanese girl and flake out of tonight’s festivities in Algonquin at the very last minute.  Instead, I am going to relax, listen to some music and play some GTA4.


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