China defends Olympic show miming

China defends Olympic show miming

A senior Olympics official in China has defended the decision to replace a girl in last Friday’s opening ceremony with another deemed to look more suitable.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, if everybody concerned agrees,” said Wang Wei of the organising committee.

Lin Miaoke was hailed a star after performing at the ceremony, but it was later revealed she was miming to a song voiced by another girl, Yang Peiyi.

Miaoke’s father has told reporters he thinks Peiyi is also cute.

“Yang Peiyi’s looks are OK,” Lin Hui reportedly said. “In my opinion, she’s not ugly.”

‘Theatric effects’

Mr Wang – executive vice-president of the Beijing Games organising committee (Bocog) – said the last-minute decision to substitute nine-year-old Miaoke for seven-year-old Peiyi had been taken jointly “by the group of directors”.

What should we make of the two bits of the opening ceremony that weren’t what we thought they were?
The BBC’s James Reynolds

“Together they are discussing with the broadcasters,” he told reporters at Wednesday’s news conference.

“They are to achieve the most theatric effects for the benefit of the whole performance, the whole opening ceremony,” he said.

Nonetheless, the story had disappeared from several leading Chinese news websites on Wednesday, including that of the broadcaster which broke the story.

The show’s musical director, Chen Qigang, told Beijing Radio that Peiyi was pulled from the show at the last moment, after a senior Politburo member said she did not look the part.

BBC staff in Beijing found that references to the story had been removed from the Beijing Radio website on Wednesday.

The story was similarly absent from other major news sites, including the China Daily and Xinhua sites – suggesting that Chinese authorities are indeed uncomfortable with the story.

Chinese media and websites are policed by the central government, which has frequently censored access to content deemed unflattering or counter to the national interest.

But the story had not been totally expunged from the web, with extensive coverage still remaining on sites such as the Chinese commercial web portal

Empty seats

The miming incident is one of a number of stories thought to have caused some private embarrassment to Olympic organisers.

In another disclosure, it was revealed that parts of the footage of the opening ceremony fireworks were pre-produced.

Organisers have also been trying to explain why so many empty seats have been visible at purportedly sold-out events.

Story from BBC NEWS:

This is an embarrassment on top of the ongoing air pollution and the perceived low attendance in the 2008 Olympic events.  It is not surprising that all of these fuck-ups are rooted in decisions made by idiots running the CCP.  Less than 1% of China’s total population are members of the CCP, yet they are the ones controlling the entire country’s image.

They should learn a thing or two on authoritarianism and prosperity from Singapore and even Taiwan.


2 thoughts on “China defends Olympic show miming

  1. You should be ashame to blame China Media, because every USA´s media and most of occidental media distort china news covering only the facts which are suitable for the marketing of occidental countries. China is growing more and more, because of the efforts of chinese people the country is getting more powerful, power for peace not like “some countries” which wants power for war and for control the rest of planet as the occidental media do. If you really are a good reporter, you should be interest more in olympic sport and the development of peaceful sporting competition around the world and not to keep on with political gossips and harmful comment to everyone who like Olympic´s.

  2. Yes China is improving yet that doesn’t mean they can get away with stupid shit like swapping girl performers at the last minute, and not properly getting our stadiums filled. Bitching at me for calling out issues will not stop the West from China-bashing. Fix or prevent these problems and people will get off China’s back.

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