DiYuan Clubhouse at Flushing, NY

On Saturday, I met up with a few friends to do some karaoke at a place called Diyuan Clubhouse in Flushing, NY. Overall, the KTV was advanced, with a computerised system to select songs, trendy private rooms, and a good location. However, the major drawbacks are the poor service, the fact that almost everyone who works at Diyuan does not speak English or Cantonese, and the poor selection of English songs.

I guess the other gripe I had with the place was they overcharged food and drinks. A can of red bull costs about $5 there and the KTV prices are done in such a way that it makes it confusing to pay the bills. For example, they said the KTV would become free if people ordered enough food and drinks to match the hourly rate. So if the rate was $60/hour for a small group of 10-13 people we can theoretically get that hour for free if we ordered $60 worth of food or drinks within the hour.

They are very strict with the hours and they track the exact time spent on the KTV rooms. Despite all these issues, DiYuan is the leading KTV in flushing since its located right near the Flushing Mall, has a big building, and it is part of the popular DiYuan KTVs in China.

What scared me most about DiYuan was this report I found on google:

Summary: DI YUAN KARAOKE was inspected on April 16, 2008, and 7 violations were cited, resulting in 33 violation points. Because the restaurant received more than 27 violation points, a follow-up inspection was required. Read more about what this means.

Restaurant inspection details

Inspection date April 16, 2008
Restaurant name DI YUAN KARAOKE
Phone 718-539-6666
Violation points 33
Violations Non-food contact surface improperly constructed

Non-food contact surface improperly constructed. Unacceptable material used. Non-food contact surface or equipment improperly maintained.

Food contact surface not washed

Food contact surface not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred.

No stem-type thermometer

Appropriately scaled metal stem-type thermometer not provided or used to evaluate temperatures of potentially hazardous foods during cooking, cooling, reheating and holding.

Spoiled food

Food item spoiled, adulterated, contaminated or cross-contaminated.

No Food Protection Certificate

Food Protection Certificate not held by supervisor of food operations.

No work place smoking policy

Work place smoking policy inadequate, not posted, not provided.

Failure to inform violator.

Failure to make good faith effort to inform violator.

Followup inspection required


I am just glad I didn’t order any of their foods.


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