Something different.

Things like this give me a smile when the whole world is going nuts or when life seems to be moving at a snails pace:

On the other hand, living stereotypes irk me


2 thoughts on “Something different.

  1. Dear lifeinmotion,

    I found your blog entry here while doing a google search on “betterasianman.” One of the reasons why I launched the blog was to find out what other people thought about my life, and whether or not their past experiences were similar to mine. I am quite certain that there are a lot of Asian American men who have the same past as me, and I wanted to see if others have found a way to overcome that in a different way than I did. Asian American male sexuality is such a sore point in our community that no one wants to talk about it. So, I laid out the details of my life for all to see, so that we can open up the conversation and possibly even find solutions.

    Now, I’ve been very honest with you, and I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have for me. However, I have two questions for you:

    1. Why do you consider me a living stereotype?
    2. Why do I irk you?


  2. William,

    I am impressed that you would go out of your way to write such a frank message to a one sentence mention of your blog given that this blog was mostly about the cute video clip.

    After reading your comment, I would like to commend you on giving socially awkward Asian males in our community insightful advice on how to secure their confidence and manhood in a rampantly racist society in America.

    In my travels, I noticed a good number of Asian males have trouble finding the opposite sex when they either are 1. insecure, 2. conform to the “Model Minority” stereotype whether they realise it or not or 3. they complain in frustration without having an honest look at their current situation/attitudes.

    Your blog did irk me at the time because it mirrored the content in and it inadvertently reaffirms the stereotype that Asian males are insecure and socially awkward.

    The fact that you went out of your way to write this comment over a small reference to your blog says much in itself. I hope this minor referral from my blog increases traffic to your blog and possibly help some of our guys break out of their shells.

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