Stephen Harper will “win” the Federal Election if…

He keeps kissing Chinese babies and courting the Chinese vote while Dion and Layton try to rob seats from the Bloc Quebecois…


4 thoughts on “Stephen Harper will “win” the Federal Election if…

  1. I almost jumped to the Conservatives ( am a multi-generational Liberal) when Harper apologized for the head taxes. And then the lies and idiotic anti-sino antics. Each time being sent back with his tail between his legs. I wanted so much for him to be a good prime mininster – he failed me miserably. Unfortunately, there is no competition – Harper will get majority by default. Such a devastation for Canadian democracy.

  2. Wasnt Harper Awesome when he kissed that Chinese baby and talked about how good those ethnic Chinese families are in BC on Monday?

    Ironically he is one of the more Sinophobic PMs to date.

  3. The Coalition will prevent Harper from getting his much loved majority by not running candidates against each other. The Coalition candidate should be either the Lib or NDP incumbent or the candidate who finished 2nd to the CPC incumbent.

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