The New Facebook is awful.

I just logged on and I find that I have been forced into the new Facebook page.  The new design is awful and nearly half of my third party Facebook applications are not compatible with their “Tabbed” layout.  What’s worse if that their wall tab only limits up to four Applications to be displayed on that page.  So far there are no Applications that can be placed on the Info Tab while the rest of the Applications are simply relegated to a Boxes Tab.

The interface is just awful and confusing.  I honestly don’t believe Facebook got any real feedback or did focus group research when they came up with the new interface.  It seems like their product development group simply thought it was cool because it appealed to them without taking account of their actual users.

Mark Slee, product manager for the new Facebook, is excited about the change and thinks the new format will benefit the Facebook community.

“We set out to make Facebook simpler, cleaner, more relevant and easier to control,” he said in a recent post on his blog, known as The Facebook Blog. “We believe we’ve gotten to the best Facebook yet.”

Slee was contacted for further comment via e-mail but did not respond by press time.
With Facebook’s growing popularity, numerous users have let their opinions on the new format be known. Facebook is riddled with groups speaking out both in support and in complaint of the new Facebook.

The vast majority of groups are made up of users who have a problem with the new format. Amongst these groups are “1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT!” which includes more than 1.6 million members and “Petition Against the New Facebook,” which features more than 1.2 million members.

From the groups I see, there are more users opposed to the interface than those who actually support it.

It’s one thing for Facebook to open up their service to any users, which led to a proliferation of Internet trolls, sock puppet accounts, and sexual predators to roam the website, but this is just another misstep from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

The redesign row is not the first time Facebook has run into trouble with its users. Last year its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was forced to apologise for the “bad job” his company had made in implementing a controversial new advertising system, called Beacon.

Users complained that it added information about their shopping habits to their profile without their consent, and in some cases had inadvertently informed friends of what gifts they would be receiving for Christmas.

If there is anything to know about Facebook, it is that the company is actually mismanaged, overvalued and people still use it because it is still perceived as being user-friendly, safe, and more refined than Myspace, Friendster or Mixi.  However, this may soon change as more people learn how bad the New Facebook actually is.


first click this link, and add the application,

then come back to this page, and click this link,

then cancel both windows, start a new window, and u have the old facebook


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