On Tuesday…

I finally got Wii Fit after spending untold months finding a store that has it in stock.  After starting the programme, I learned that I was in shape but that the months being cutoff from an on-site gym has taken a toll on me.  Fortunately, there are enough mini-games to keep me occupied so this means I am going to put off Soul Calibur IV and GTA 4 for some time.

Despite that, I think I can do it if I put my back into it like that Ice Cube song.  Also, things are that bad on my end compared to what is going on in Wall Street as seen in this comic strip:

Fortunately things are winding down after last week and Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs made the right choice to become commercial banks although I doubt this will curb their high-risk investment strategies.

On a final note, I really think this $700 billion bailout proposed by Paulson, Bernanke, and Cox or Bush’s Three Stooges as I call them is a very dangerous and questionable move.  This will only prop up an already bad system at the expense of the American taxpayer and the World Economy.


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