I don’t know…

I really don’t know how some people constantly complain and vent about Asian-American social issues on an almost daily basis when I even have a hard time thinking of something to write about.  Between watching the financials imploding and finding free time to exercise, I just don’t know how people with full-time jobs can devote so many hours venting about being Asian.

For those guys who vent about not being able to approach White girls to dating them, I’ll let you in on a secret: just be yourself.  Be yourself as in the well-rounded person, with all the strengths and quirks, that someone would want in their lives either as a friend or much more.  Just start a conversation on something relevant at that particular time and go from there.  The only instances where I saw Asian guys having issues with White girls were when they started exhibiting stereotypical Asian mannerisms as seen in traditional Hollywood portrayals (arrogant, insecure, uptight, overanalytical) or not knowing English.  Otherwise, it’s like any other relationship.

For the really insecure Asian guys who are starting to annoy me, let me say this: STOP IT.  These are the guys who still try to confront the girl (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc) long after they don’t want to go on a second date.  I had the unfortunate instance of being dragged in by my friend to help keep that guy from confronting her. I don’t know the details, but the guy was making himself look like an even bigger ass by doing that.  He could have just accepted the situation, stayed on good terms with the girl and met her friends (who may be better people).

For the guys who have issues with non-Asian girls, they seem to be hardwired to believe that those girls are special when they’re not.  Whether they are White girls, Black girls, Latinas, or mixed girls, they are just girls and they are often overrated compared to Asian girls.  The moment guys overidealise an ethnic girl is the moment when they start acting strange or find themselves unable to converse because they are easily intimidated by the non-Asian girl by virtue of her ethnicity.

For the insecure Asian guys, it seems like they are the unfortunate by-product of either parents or the school system accomodating them.  Hence, this results in entitlement issues for these guys.  It’s possible that they may have grown up believing things will usually go their way if they work like slaves regardless of how others feel.  It’s possible they may have been consistently accommodated by their parents or school systems with constant recognition and rewards to the point where they feel they should get something based on perceived superiority or success.  The reality is, none of us are entitled to anything and sometimes things do not work out as expected.  Getting overly confrontational and insecure when things don’t go as expected will not change the situation and will rub people the wrong way.

So that is my rant for the night because I can’t sleep.  This week may be yet another wacky week with the bailout being finalised for voting, Wachovia getting into some trouble, Neo-Nazis gaining seats in Austria’s parliament, tainted Chinese milk, and work.

RIP Paul Newman.


3 thoughts on “I don’t know…

  1. 777 points baby haha maybe i shouldn’t be laughing

    i kinda stopped going to those meetups when i realized girls were looking at the hockey stick instead of me! hahaha sad ain’t it

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