Francophobia online and misconceptions about me.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that my blogs on my Quebec experiences have been reposted on a Francophobic blog online. The blog mostly deals with the decline of French as a working language in the world with some tinges of Francophobia.

Unfortunately, the fact that they linked to my two entries on Quebec implied that I am Francophobic, which is not the case. Although I had very bad experiences with Quebecois in Quebec Province, Canada, this does not mean that French people are racist, xenophobic, and arrogant as presented by the American media. I want to be clear that none of my bad experiences happened in France, not with real French people and not with French-Canadians outside of Quebec (or educated under a “Canadian” school system).

Ironically, most of the French I have spoken to when clarifying why I don’t speak French despite living in Quebec for a time normally give me a horrified look in silence when I talk about my bad experiences there. This has happened enough times that now I am extremely careful in how I explain my situation and avoid any details at all costs for their benefit. The only exception to this would be dealing with Quebecois of course since it has been made clear by the French and from my travels that they are a distinct society that is different from France.

Another Frenchman said “I write too much” on my blog and I think I may have scared the shit out of him since some of these experiences in Quebec may be considered unthinkable unless Jean Marie Le-Pen had taken power.  On an interesting note, I do think Le-Pen would do very well in parts of Quebec if he actually had the brains to start a chapter of Front National there instead of making delusional rants about Zionists and rabid Arab Muslims subverting France.

Well, thats enough for today.  Too bad France elected Sarkozy instead of Royal despite being sane enough to not join America in their War of Terror in Iraq.


4 thoughts on “Francophobia online and misconceptions about me.

  1. Quebec people are the best. Sometimes we live in historical abberation. It was the English suppression of the French that lead to the Quiet Revolution. The awakening of the giant of North America, and the Quebecois never looked back. But in the interim, someone is bound to get hurt with the sudden surge in blind nationalism, bonding pride, a sense of beloging finally. Not unlike the Chinese Cultural Reveolution, but in a much smaller scale and perhaps missing the savagery. With the financial tsunami created by the US, we are also looking at a historical abberation, I am sure the Americans will be able to handle it because the US remains a great country, but with the Europeans pumping 2.some trillions into the banking systems and they certainly have much weaker financial infrastructures, (that is why Iceland is not borrowing from them) where are the money coming from?

  2. Actually America pumped in more money than the Europeans. All this money is either being printed or being borrowed from China.

    I do agree that Quebec is a great tourist destination, but other than that it’s not worth dealing with their misguided sense of nationalism. The Quiet Revolution and Federal reforms have protected Francophones’ language and regional rights. However, this does not give them a right to trample on the minority rights where they are the majority.

  3. “the fact that they linked to my two entries on Quebec implied that I am Francophobic”.

    Dear Life in Motion,

    Let me be clear about this: I didn’t wish to imply anything about you. I quoted you about Quebec to showcase French language bigotry in Quebec, one that is blatantly encouraged by the ludicrous organization which calls itself la Francophonie as well as by French culture nationalists in France and elsewhere. I didn’t mean to say that you are hostile to the people of France, and I would like to point to your readers that my blog deals with the decline of the French language around the world, and not only in France.

    As a way to further dispel any misunderstandings I also feel obliged to make it known that I actually am a Frenchman. The purpose of my blog is not to promote hatred of French people but to document the decline of a language as it unfolds despite, or rather because of, interventionist language policies. I am a conservative libertarian, and as such disapprove of culture nationalism, including and starting with the French variety.

    Hoping it sheds some light on the matter I wish you the best of luck with your interesting web log,

    Unfrench Frenchman

  4. Dear Unfrench Frenchman,

    Thanks for the clarification. It was unfortunate that I experienced much unpleasantness in Quebec and it must be horrifying for such things to be associated with French people and culture.

    Thanks for linking me and I recommend being careful about posting potentially Francophobic articles in your entries to prevent such misunderstandings in the future.

    All the best,

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