Introspective musicology: the soundtrack to our lives.

introspective musicology: the soundtrack to our lives. we all have them, some strange mixture of karaoke classics, queen-level ballads, heart thumping hip hop and head banging metal. the purpose of IM is exploring how one relates to these soundtracks, how an artist can understand another, not through interaction, but through those tracks that the individual feels is significant to their lives. it is an examination to symbolic meaning, as well as how individual pieces can create a collective whole.

Here are some that are the current soundtrack of my life (in no particular order) for a friend’s art project.  It has its ups and downs along with its moments:

1. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again –

2. Joy Division – Atmosphere –

3. New Order – True Faith –

4. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever –

5. The Beatles – Getting Better –

6. Faithless – God Is A DJ –

7. Angel y Khriz – Ven Bailalo –

8. Starsailor – Love is Here –

9. Madonna – I Want You (Feat. Massive Attack) –

10. The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness –

11. Robbie Williams – Rock DJ –

12. David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans –

13. U2 – With Or Without You –

14. Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The U.K –

15. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize –


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