Halloween costume

I was going to get one of the SAW costumes either as Jigsaw or the Pig Mask:

I think either of these would have been good if I had gotten them about 2 weeks ago.  Now it looks like every other person in Manhattan may go as Jigsaw at the weekend Halloween parties.  So instead of going for a movie character, I decided to get an orange convict costume:

It was a tough decision, but I think this will be simple and easy to go about in parties.  It was this or getting the Catholic Priest costume.

To kill time, I saw the Ang Lee’s Hulk, which was just awful.  The acting was good and I think most of the actors did the movie just to work with Ang Lee.  The story, however, was just godawful especially the last 15 minutes of the movie.  Most of all, the Hulk in that movie looked incredibly fake and they didn’t have Lou Ferrigno do the Hulk’s voice. The only thing I did get was Ang Lee’s use of multiple splitscreens to recreate the comic book effect. I am glad they tried to fix most of the movie with the “Incredible Hulk”.


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