It’s a wonderful world after all

So begins another week of nuttiness in the world markets.  The Nikkei has gone back 25 years in time with the current decline in their index and this will again unleash a vicious reaction in the other markets once they open in the coming hours.  Despite all of this nonsense, most people should not let it get to them until the day Wal-Mart becomes unaffordable and when people actually have to use cash instead of credit card to make any purchases.

On the upside, today is a great week to be a Japanese or even an American tourist.  Suddenly things have become much more affordable for these tourists.  The Yen-USD exchange rate may be incredibly shitty but no one will really bat an eye until the day Playstation 3s, JDM aftermarket parts, and Honda Civics become too pricey for the average guy.  Most of what I am talking about may seem like rocket science to McCain supporters like Joe the Plumber and the Sarah Palins of “real” America.

Still, I do hope Obama does win the election next week.  I know some Ron Paul supporters are going to scream treason or socialist sellout for my choice, but Obama is the one who actually wants to get the hell out of Iraq and the Republicans need to be punished for nominating McCain and Palin as their candidates.  Ron Paul had a strong message but he was not the right man to promote it in this day and age.

If Dr. Paul had Mitt Romney’s body, Mike Huckabee’s charm, and Obama’s youth, then I am sure many many more people would have listened, voted for him, and he would have made sincere reforms to this wreck of a country.  Unfortunately, we live in the real world and reality can be an bipolar bitch at times.

This clip shows how far we have fallen since the good old days of the Budweiser Wassup commercial:


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