Halloween Dinner Party, Lost in SoHo

Friday night was a bit wild with the Halloween Party and lots of crazy costumes running around in the Union Square-Soho area. After getting off work, I wound up walking from 23rd street all the way to Bowery for a dinner party and making some random stops along the way.

The thing was after walking down 6th Ave with repeated roadblocks, I started taking a few detours to get to Bowery. Along the way I think I got myself into SoHo without realising it and resorted to the iPhone’s map to triangulate my position to Bowery. Along the way, I found myself looking around the UNIQLO store, where I got ideas for Fall/Winter clothes, and went to kill time by eating at a place to “Rice to Riches”.

“Rice to Riches” is this expensive specialty rice pudding desert restaurant somewhere in NoLiTa. They serve a variety of flavours in quirky tupperware containers and spoons.


The only boneheaded move I did was trashing my container and learning later that they are willing to clean the containers for the customers as souvenirs. That was a bad move on my part and I think I will keep that in mind next time I find myself in that part of town. The thing is SoHo and NoLiTa actually use street names instead of numbers in addition to have very narrow alleys. This makes the area a bit more confusing compared to the streets and avenues from downtown to upper Manhattan.

The dinner party was held at Congee Bowery and we had a typical Chinese dinner. AFterwards, there were plans to go to a Aura, but the traffic was just a nightmare so we called it a night. Tonight is another night out.


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