Tomorrow is a Banking Holiday

That means I am just working at home on some projects.  It should be great since I get to sleep later and not worry about the 1.5 hour commute to NYC.  The euphoria of President Obama is winding down as the victory sinks in.

On one hand, there is a part of me that wishes Obama can use his magic touch to talk Bernanke into resigning and go back to teaching at Princeton.  On the flipside, I suspect Obama may try to implement a New Deal 2.0 to prop up the American-created global financial crisis so that it doesn’t become the Great Depression 2.0.

The New Deal was initially supported by people such as Ronald Reagan because it had an emphasis on workfare.  It put people to work in paving roads, building bridges, and improving existing infrastructure that added value to the country and set the stage for creating greater freedom of movement in people, goods and services.  However, the New Deal increased the national debt, it was mismanaged in some cases, and its benefits took far too long to outweigh the immediate cost.  Its redeeming factor were in infrastructure improvements, paying people for large scale government works, and reigniting debate on the role of government.

I talk about this because Obama has brought up the idea of compulsory service in the form of serving in the military or doing work in the community for people between the ages of 18 to 25.  This in theory would allow the state to utilise a young and inexperienced pool of talent to work on government-sponsored projects or fight on their behalf while helping them gain experience and eventually figure out whether they want the state in their lives or not.

President Obama also has been unfairly compared to Jimmy Carter because he appears to be frank and intelligent.  For some reason, intelligence is a virtue that is frowned upon in America, especially since the time Bush took power in 2000, with anti-intellectualism being looked upon as a real American value.  Moreover, intelligence seems to be perceived as a primarily European virtue, which makes it foreign and therefore un-American.  That being said, it should be no surprise that the Republicans, now dominated by factions with an anti-intellectual (ignorant) mindset, have chosen Sarah Palin to represent them and to be a heartbeat away from becoming President.

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more about “Sarah Palin Is So Dumb… | The Daily…“, posted with vodpod

-Sarah Palin is so dumb she thought Soy Milk is Spanish for “I am Milk”
-She is so dumb she thought Lincoln’s vice president was named Town Car
-Palin is so stupid she thought the capital of China is Chinatown

A clip of a Sarah Palin porn parody read by Thandie Newton and Ricky Gervais

I am just glad Obama won or stupidity would have been America’s downfall.  Tomorrow is Rememberance Day


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