Ok…Its been a long day

Where to start? The commute from NJ To LIC still sucks. 1.5 hours there and 2 hours back. The economy has been going to the shitters since the start of this year. It’s only now that people are dealing with the harsh reality.

President Obama isn’t in a position to get his team in and work his magic just yet. Bush still have another 2-3 months left to fuck up the country and then hand over the entire mess to Barry. Just recently Bush spoke about World War 2 on Remembrance Day and couldn’t even properly say “Yamato” was the ship that caused the Navy so much grief in the Pacific Theatre.

America has redeemed itself after allowing a man who is a disgrace to special needs people take power for 8 years. According to comedian Russel Brand, the UK would not even dare to let someone like George W. Bush run around with scissors in his hands; yet Americans gave him the nuclear launch codes for 8 long years. Only another 2-3 months before Barack H. Obama is the 44th President.

In other news, Chen Shuibian has finally been arrested by the authorities he helped reform after being accused of misusing secret government diplomatic funds for personal use and money laundering. The only means of defence Chen employed are making claims that his arrest is a KMT-CCP conspiracy against Taiwan independence and implied that his past record as a human rights lawyer from a poor family entitles him to such money. The good news is Chen will actually get the due process he fought for on behalf of real Taiwanese dissidents and these investigations actually began during his second term as president.

The world is in a recession and dreams are being flushed down the drain. Frugal is the new chic, and the credit crunch has become a great excuse to not do anything. These 3-5 years will be a good time to focus on fixed income and broad-based index funds with low expense ratios. This is something to keep in mind when rebalancing the 401k or IRA accounts.

Commodities are another possibility with the still-ignored food crisis assuming one knows how to read trading patterns for futures contracts or understands the fundamentals or the significance of the commodities being traded. The easiest way to get into the commodities game without learning about futures is through an ETF.

What else? Since we’re in a major recession or quasi-depression, it would be best to start paying down those debts and increase savings if possible. It’s going to be a very rough and emotional roller-coaster before any of us see light at the end of the tunnel.

“Godzilla: Final Wars” was a really bad and campy movie. The best actors were the Japanese-American (Kane Kosugi) and the American MMA fighter. The rest of the cast seemed to be there for their role in previous Godzilla films or for the money. The worst actor was the villain who looked like a Japanese Ben Stiller as Zoolander with makeup…


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