Some Random Observations

I recently learned the Care Bears are back on tv. The show is basically a continuation of the original Care Bears in the 80s that is digitally animated. For some reason, this new version of Care Bears reminds me of Happy Tree Friends in terms of animation. When I was watching parts of the new Care Bears while channel surfing I was expecting for one of the cute characters to get maimed, impaled, or gutted like in Happy Tree Friends.

The subprime crisis turned credit crunch turned financial crisis has really drained funds out of every aspect of our society. Gone are the lavish holiday parties, academic grants, and easy loans. I really wonder how this is going to affect movie productions in Hollywood or the indie films brewing in New York City as these productions require vast amounts of cash for location shooting, production values, and paying their cast and crew for those demanding hours.

I found out Pocha 32 in Koreatown serves cooked silkworm pupa as a dish. I am now looking for interested people to eat with –

After going through almost a year of nonsense, things are getting better overall. I feel more comfortable with myself than I had in years. Just enough to talk about my background and able to see my past as a means to remind myself of how fortunate I am instead of inhibiting my potential as was the case.

I can’t wait for President Obama to boot that clown Bernanke out of the Fed once his term expires in 2010.


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