Another Night

Tonight is a rather smooth and calm night. I am just here relaxed drinking a glass of red wine that I got as a holiday gift from the client while my direct manager was cool enough to get me a bottle of sochu. It was really nice of them to have Xmas gifts and I do feel bad that I did not prepare individual gifts for them although I did contribute to the secret santa games at the office.

I would like to say that things are overall good at the moment. There are some things I want to mention but won’t for the sake of personal privacy. The NJTransit trains are still garbage as usual because today the trains suffered a 30-45 minute delay on the way back despite making it on time to the rush hour train. As a result I didn’t get home until around 7.

I really think I need to relax and just unwind. I honestly believe that becoming more focused and goal-oriented after the nonsense in 2007 and to change for the better was a good decision, but it’s time for me to start lightening up now that most of those career needs seem to be going in the right direction, and the social concerns are in a way becoming less of an issue like in the past. It was also helpful to get some long-standing questions from the past answered since it brought a sense of closure and relief.

Some current wishes at the moment are for more quality time with people I care about and whose company I enjoy, finding a way to shorten my work commute, and making more time for exercise and personal learning. This can be a challenge with the brutal commute and the challenge in self-motivation.

Some current gripes are some friends who seem to be afraid of New York City, the ongoing bailouts by the Bush administration, the long wait before President Obama takes over, and the rotting American economy. Most of these things are beyond my control while some are just downright silly.

Ben Bernanke is an economic terrorist and he should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for being stupid enough to unknowingly recreate the conditions that led to Japan’s decade-long recession and ongoing social decay. Didn’t this PhD and Princeton Professor learn anything about the failure of zero-interest rate policy in Japan.

I found out my gf was a victim of an ATM robbery. She is unharmed and is with the police at this time reporting the robbery. I just can’t believe something could happen at this time. It’s like these things keep becoming common as the economy and quality of life gets worse.


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