What a day

Today was a rather bad day that started on the wrong foot. My train was delayed by almost an hour because an Amtrak train had broken down in the stop before mine causing several cancellations and a 1 hour commute becoming a two hour nightmare. By the time I got to work, too many deliverables were piling up and it was overwhelming. This is what happens when a country has no money to fund their public mass transit networks. In Taiwan, the company would actually issue every customer a full refund if they caused any delays while in America all the passengers get is an insincere apology and no assurance that the problem will not happen again.

Around lunchtime, I heard that several of my co-workers were abruptly laid off and asked to leave the building on the same day. I really didn’t think they would be made redundant seeing that they have a strong relationship with the client and the client is strongly dependent on them to get things done. In addition, they also had an intimate knowledge of custom technical specifications, solutions and worked overtime with no pay on several occasions. It was really unpleasant because there was also talk of a 5% pay cut to avoid layoffs. It looks like we are getting either a pay cut or a lay off.

At the end of the day I learned more people were being let go along with an impromptu meeting to discuss these developments. These events really left me in a bad mood for the rest of the day and I decided to leave early even though I got to work almost an hour late no thanks to Amtrak. I need to get a drink at the moment.


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