The Mind of a Racist/Misogynist

My Friend wrote the following on facebook:

Chairman (<– my addition) XXX replied to XXX post:

“[Therefore we are asking whites and blacks and hispanics to introduce Asian-American literature into class. Naturally the bestseller will be chosen. I’d like to know, because I don’t, what other Asian-American authors are there that would make a better substitute?]

Eugene, there are actually tons of quality AA authors out there. The ones who make the mainstream are the ones who pander the most to White audiences, since the AA consumer base isn’t large or ethnocentric enough to create its own small market.

This is the same reason why despite the fact there are actually several talented AA comedians out there, the only ones who make it to mainstream TV or film are people like Esther Ku.”

Dude needs to get laid. And yes, I’ve already told him that before but his only defense is to call me a naive, ignorant, whitewashed, sellout, Asian Uncle Tom.

Usually all in the same sentence.

What I like is that he’ll always claim there are tons of quality AA authors, actors, actresses, etc. yet when you ask him to name them, he’ll name like one or two that already ARE established “names”.

And, of course, any Asian female who’s made a name for themselves is automatically a sellout. Any Asian who isn’t IN YOUR FACE THAT HE’S ASIAN is a sellout.

Frankly, I suspect that the biggest self-haters are people like Chairman Lin, because nobody can ever reach their standards of “Asianness”. Another interesting thing is that guys like him (and yes, people like him tend to be 99% male) will bitch and moan about how racist Western media is yet when you bring up instances–with proof–of racist Eastern media, it’s immediately dismissed as–you guessed it–Western bias. Oh, and then you’ll get called a whitewashed sellout too.

Can’t forget about that one.

Now, I don’t know.. I volunteer my time to help out with various AA/APA groups here in NYC. You ask these folks what they do in their free time away from their keyboards to help out with their local AA/APA groups and they never reply.

But damn, if you mention interracial relationships on the internet it’s like you just smacked a beehive with a stick. Now I’ve never dated anyone that wasn’t Asian.. and I grew up in a Jewish town, being one of only maybe 5 or 6 Asians until my junior year of high school. These days, I hear the schools in my town are something close to about 25-30% Asian, with my high school touching the 40% mark. So nobody–especially some chump online–can EVER tell me I don’t know what it feels like to get hated on because of the color of my skin.. and by JEWS no less! Oh, the irony.

But what do I know? I guess easier to be an Armchair Activist than it is to actually go out and support local AA/APA groups, go see something produced by a AA repertory theatre, volunteer to tutor kids from low-income immigrant familes, etc. etc. etc.

Yeah. Bitching on the internet. Real activism there.


10 thoughts on “The Mind of a Racist/Misogynist

  1. Your post makes zero sense. The quote says that those AA artists who become famous or mainstream to most of America are those who pander the most to the consumer demographic (White and Black audiences), and that there are probably more talented AA artists who don’t get recognition due to the non-pandering content of their works.

    The title of this thread makes no sense, and your accusations are even more unfounded.

  2. Read the linked post before taking things out of context.

    Notice I wrote “My Friend wrote…” and block quoted his rant.

    “What I like is that he’ll always claim there are tons of quality AA authors, actors, actresses, etc. yet when you ask him to name them, he’ll name like one or two that already ARE established “names”.”

    So can you name any AA talent that are not recognised for not selling out?

  3. As for naming AA talent that hasn’t “sold out”:
    music by Far East Movement and Shanghai Restoration Project.
    books by Ed Lin and Jeff Yang.
    films with Sung Kang and Roger Fan.
    comedy with Eliot Chang.

    It’s true that it seems the AA names that become the most famous or admired are the ones who “sell out”. I went to the AIFF festival last year in NYC, and even David Henry Hwang admitted as a panelist that it seemed AA artists who get the most mainstream acclaim and recognition are the ones most liked by White critics and audiences.

    I did read the linked post you provided, and I think the title of your blog post is not consistent or accurate with the text you’re providing as an example to support the claim. Meaning, I don’t see any evidence of that individual being racist or a misogynist. I also think that you’re in danger of libel by linking these accusations with a specific name.

  4. This is funny, coming from someone who partied like a fratboy with white boys and then going online to claim that white people are keeping everyone else down.

  5. Oh yeah.

    Who likes to toss out “sellout”, “Asian Uncle Tom”, and “white worshiper” like candy at a playground?

  6. so i heard you’ve never been on the receiving end of a blowjob before…

    too busy giving them?

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