Asian Female on Asian Female Bashing

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“Asian Female

I don’t understand this group anymore. It’s beyond ridiculous with the amount of AAF bashing. It almost seems as if all the major issues of AA Media went out the door when IR became a topic. Sure, there is discussions about other issues but it’s so focused on the IR and issues surround AAF sexuality. Just calling out one issue about AA in the media is not going to help anything. The issue needs to be address as a WHOLE. There is rarely holistic views on the portrayal of AA in the media in relation to race, culture, history, minority, majority powers where is the discussions about those things and how it affects AA in THE MEDIA?? I’m sorry if people feel that I am attacking this group but I am not. I merely pointing out and voicing how I feel that this group is faltering away from the main issues at hand.

I don’t get why everyone just resorts to calling AAF whores and etc. And who are you to be talking NKAO like that? Just because she may or may not be Hmong her cousin gang bangs? You’re no better than the ignorant people of the world that believe all Asians are good at math and have tiny pee pees. Yeah, I said it. It’s just crap on a lot of these boards. I used to see so many good posts about so many different issues that affect AAF but lately I’m just heart broken at how sad this became.

It’s not even a extreme militant stance like the educated Black Panthers, it’s almost as if it is a bunch of 5 year olds that resort to name calling and random self analyzed statistic that they use as backing to call AAF whores. (this doesn’t apply to everyone, you know who you are)

On top of it why would your Asian sisters want to be a part of this board? You don’t even invite the ones that you said “turn their backs” on being AA to address these issues you just lurk around and call them names behind their backs. It’s so productive, I clearly see it working. *sarcasm* Well, it’s not.. in fact it’s counterproductive. If someone was to come here and try to find some people to speak on a board about AA issues in the media, they would turn away in an instant at how appalling this group has become.

And then when you meet your Asian American sisters that have fallen from the path just remember your hands are not unclean in the way you treat them back. And so what if your Asian sister do choose to date a white guy. If she so happens to date a white guy that can’t respect her for who is she as a person while fantasizing about her little geisha ways, maybe you should try to help her see her worth. (educate her, lecture her, FOR PETE SAKE DRAW CIRCLES IN CRAYON IF IT GETS THE MESSAGE THROUGH BUT DON’T CALL HER A WHORE) And if she finds a white guy that loves her down to her core, isn’t ignorant in the issues of AAs, and respects what she has to offer beyond an Asian fantasy of “Me Love You Long Time” and see her as A HUMAN BEING WITH A SOUL (which also seems to be a hard feat in this forum), is that so wrong? Love is Love.

Gosh, Dammit. If you’re going to talk down on someone for their dating ethics PLEASE sound some what educated. Maybe, I’m just a little frustrated or just ignorant to assume that everyone here has the skills to analyze and critically think about social/racial/etc. issues in various facets and dynamic ways.

This isn’t addressed to everyone. You’ll know who you are and where you stand. But consider this group one less supporter. I’m going else where to find people that are truly inclusive and holistic about the issues on being an AA. It’s difficult enough being AA with the media reflecting us in a certain light, but it’s even worst when the people that you expect to understand you seems to punish you even more.

mind you that I’ve been in this group for about 2-3 years. I’ve just never posted anything since I thought most of the discussions were really educating to read as is. It just makes me sad that for the tons of people that bring up good points and issues, a handful is just messing this up for everyone else. There is a reason why all the girls are disappearing. And it’s going to be hard when the girls that care about these issues turn their backs because of the way you guys treat them.

You can’t expect respect when you don’t give it. For the ones that want to lead and to educate, you need to be an even better example THAN EVERYONE ELSE on ALL accounts or else your credibility is gone. No one will ever listen to you. Look at the all the greats in civil and humanitarian efforts, they knew what they had to do. You want people to listen, you should listen back too.

It’s late, my head hurts, and I can go on and on..but it’s pointless… I hope at least one person understands what I am trying to convey in a fit of disappointment.”

“My main point as my head is clearing from being up at 5 am.
You can’t be a proponent of gay marriages, if you don’t believe in interracial marriages.
You can’t be a feminist, if you don’t believe that men should have rights either.
You can’t be a advocating civil rights while you are at home telling your grandmother to shut up because she’s old isn’t entitled to her opinions anymore.
And that means you can’t be bashing your Asian sisters, if you want to change the world for AA.”

I’ve been waiting for someone to post something like this for a long time now. Thanks.

Anything *I* say is taken as trolling or ignorance, so fuck those douches.


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