Native Chinese responds to Chinese-American on Xinjiang controversy

NOTE: The Chinese-American’s remarks are on brackets followed by the response from a Chinese forum member

<<“I can tell you that the Uyghurs enjoy a very good livelihood in China.”>>

That’s why many Uighur men go to big cities in other provinces to work as street vendors selling lamb kebabs and bread, often living with 10 or more men in a small apartment away from their wives and children for months, just to make a little extra money than they could back home in Xinjiang. That’s why you never see them employed anywhere but Uighur restaurants outside of Xinjiang…

<<“Not only do they not have to abide by the one-child policy, but they can get away with a lot of shit (robbery, rape, murder) b/c of the government’s aversion to incidents like what’s going on in China right now.”>>

There are plenty of photos online of Uighurs being tortured and executed by police. They clearly did not get away with any crime. Even if they steal, there are far more videos on youtube taken by Chinese people of Uighurs being tortured by NORMAL Chinese people, not even police. For example, watch THIS:
The Chinese doing the torturing here are the REAL criminals. Also, many Uighurs outside of the provincial capital are forced to have abortions, the same how many Han Chinese are also forced against their will in some villages.
There are far more Han Chinese who commit robbery, rape, and murder than there are minorities. Look at this video from Guangzhou taken on a bridge not too far from the train station:

<<“Also, let’s not forget that ethnic minorities in China get affirmative action to China’s best universities.”>>

There is no affirmative action for Uighurs in China’s best universities. I spent a year back in China studying and saw only one Uighur student the entire time. The fact is most Uighurs do not have the same benefits or opportunities as other Chinese, and are often too poor to afford the tuition.
Affirmative action in any form does not exist in China. They are allowed to discriminate based on age, gender, whatever, and they even put signs in the windows of stores saying they’re looking for women or men, young or old, etc.

<<“The Uyghur salesmen were notorious for not pronouncing the prices of their food well on purpose, so that they say “10 yuan” when they’re actually charging 30, so that after they make the food, the buyers have to give 30 yuan.”>>

I have never been cheated by Uighurs, and I frequently buy from them on the streets in any big city I visit. The woman probably didn’t understand their Mandarin, since it can be poor at times, or she herself probably doesn’t speak Mandarin well since she is Cantonese. Anyhow, this actually is often done by Chinese people all over. You mention one incident, but I can personally recount many instances other Chinese have done this to me.

<<“Also, it’s funny that you mention racism from Chinese, when Koreans are much more racist.”>>

The thread is about Cantonese, not all Chinese. I have been all over China, north, south, west, and east, and can say without a doubt, the nastiest, most racist people I have encountered were in Guangdong province and Hainan.

<<“It’s hilarious how so many of you who have been to mainland China once at the most are buying into more white media brainwashing. If you go to China and talk to the locals, you’ll find out that the vast majority of Han and minority Chinese have nothing against one another. But it’s these Uyghur and Tibetan extremists that western media love to portray b/c it’ll stir the most unrest in China.”>>

White media brainwashing? You’re the one talking about the propaganda you see from Xinhua and CCTV. You are either very naive or very brainwashed if you actually believe what the state-operated media in mainland China tells you. I have talked to not only many Han Chinese on the streets, but many minorities including Kazakhs, Uighurs, Hui, Miao, and others. Most minorities do not have nearly as much money as the average Chinese, and almost every Han Chinese will say minorities smell bad, though minorities never have these kind of comments to make about the Han. They only complain about not having the same rights and being oppressed-never say anything about their ethnicity. I have been to Urumqi and Turpan before and have seen kindness frequently exhibited by Uighurs and other minorities in one week that is rarely seen with Han Chinese people. In fact, I visited in January, perhaps the coldest time of year to go. The temperature was -25C out one evening and I had been waiting for a while for a taxi near the Bazaar. An elderly Uighur woman holding two bags had given up the taxi that stopped in front of her and let me take it, even though she is elderly, a woman, holding bags, and was there first. I was stunned. I was also given things for free at stores and invited to sit down and talk with the owners. People on the street would smile and say hello. If you are kind to them, they are kind in return. Also, they may be Muslim, but they are not even that religious. It is a complete exaggeration to call them extremists.
By the way, do you consider Hong Kong news stations as “white media brainwashing” since they report about these things and don’t censor everything like in the mainland.

<<“If you have any experience in China, you’ll know that Han Chinese would rather hit themselves than hit minorities b/c the government cracks down big-time on “hate crimes.”>>

One night in Jianshi liu malu, a Uighur man I often talk to was harassed by several security guards (not even a police) and forced to pay him a bribe to continue to work there. I also saw a Tibetan woman selling earrings and bracelets on yellow rugs on the sidewalk being harassed by a security guard telling her she has to leave. I overheard her telling him it was only 9 o’clock, and she’s allowed to stay until 11, but he was forcing her away. In another instance, in Dongshan kou, 2 Uighur men and a woman were refused by a bus driver, even though they were trying to pay to get on.
Outside my apartment there are usually a few Uighur men who sell lamb and nan, who I used to talk to as I was leaving home. One day one of them was telling me about a Uighur guy who was beaten up by several young Cantonese guys while he was working on the street…he wasn’t even a thief.

<<“They don’t want to stir unrest like what’s happening now. What you don’t hear about are the countless Chinese military personnel and civilians murdered by Uyghur/Tibetan terrorists.”>>

Murdered with what weapons? It’s the soldiers and police that have guns and who are very quick to pull the trigger on people. Last month there was a large riot in Hubei province, with 40,000 people rioting on the streets. The police did not shoot the Han Chinese who threw bricks and bottles at them, nor the ones who beat them with wooden poles. They only shoot minorities who are fewer in number, who could not start a full-scale, nation-wide revolution.

<<“Tibetan guerrillas were funded by the CIA, just like Falun Gong cultists are supported by the US government today. I would not be surprised if there was more shady shit going on right now.”>>

Like China’s involvement in Darfur, for instance? Beijing sells weapons and builds roads and bridges in exchange for oil. Those same weapons are also used to massacre innocent civilians and rape the women.

<<“If Chinese censorship was so good, how would the Uyghurs hear of something happening in Guangzhou if not for western media?”>>

Because Chinese people took the videos themselves and posted them on youku and tudou themselves. You can hear them saying “Beat them, beat them, stop running.” You understand Chinese, go watch the videos I posted above.

You ask Dae where he gets his information from when it is evident that you yourself have never talked to any minorities, nor bothered to learn anything in their language (though they have to learn yours)


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