Why I hate Hipsters

Why do I hate hipsters? This will be one of the questions I will answer in this creative writing piece. First, I need to explain what a hipster is since there are many ways to describe this subculture. Another piece to exploring my dislike of this group will analyse their contribution to our society.

A hipster usually refers to a subculture that considers themselves to be a counterculture to the corporate excesses of the early 21st century. Hipsters claim to be nonconformists, bohemians, and free spirits who are trying to break the mould by pursuing the simple pleasures of life in their own right.

Well, how can hipsters be nonconformists if they mainly buy their clothes from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and marked-up thrift shops? Most of these hipsters ironically conform to trends by getting their fashion sense from established and corporate retailers like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and “high-end” thrift shops around their hipster neighbourhoods. If these people were truly living like the working class they admire and claim to be living outside of the “corporate world”, they would have purchased their clothes from real thrift shops run by groups such as the Salvation Army and the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (Mormons); or get them from discount retailers like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Khols because that’s where real working class people shop for clothes. After all, real working class people buy their clothes out of necessity instead of relying on corporate retailers to tell them the correct way to look “poor”.

Now here is another question: what kind of jobs do hipsters have that sustains their lifestyle? If your answer is “nothing” you’re probably right. Hipsters will claim to do real work by claiming to be freelance artists, actors, musicians, or students. The reality is that the older hipsters who claim to be students are lying their asses off while the rest don’t have real jobs. If you see people working in cafes, clothing stores, or in an office, just be aware that these people are not hipsters. People you see on tv or film, performing in a busy schedule or getting their work exhibited outside of Williamsberg, are also not hipsters because they’re actually self-employed. Hipsters are the ones who will shun real work because its “uncool”, “corporate” or “hard”. These hipsters can be seen performing around subways for some dollars, frequenting Willamsberg art exhibitions, parties around Brooklyn, playing kickball or loitering in a Starbucks drinking Fair Trade coffee. In other words, living like college slackers without the classes, exams or care of debt.

If these hipsters don’t work and simply loaf around, then how in the hell can they afford it? The common answer to this happens to be that most of these hipsters depend on their parents for money. Some of them may come from wealthy families who gave them trust funds to live like idiots (such as Paris Hilton) while the rest are really good at persuading their parents that they will eventually get their big break in music, film, or art, so long as they get money to keep going. As a result, some of these hipster neighbourhoods have practically become “gentrified ghettos” as a result of the large injections of cash into the area, which led to new development and increased cost of living. All of these changes would not have happened if parents didn’t give their slacker children money to live carefree lives at the expense of themselves and others.

Some people say hipsters are no different from the hippies in the 1960s, but I beg to differ. You see, unlike the hippies of the 60s, hipsters aren’t really raging against anything or strive to improve society. Hippies in the days of yore had a reputation for supporting progressive movements such as civil rights, ending the war in vietnam, and became associated with liberals. Hipsters on the other hand don’t really support anything unless American Apparel makes it cool (refer to the “Legalize Gay” fashion line), they don’t vote (wearing Obama “Hope” t-shirts isn’t voting), and appear indifferent to social issues that aren’t related to Williamsberg/Brooklyn seen by the fact hipsters shop at Urban Outfitters even though that company is against gay marriage in California. Ironically, hipsters are actually influenced by corporations and behave similarly to the point where they are considered nonconforming conformists because they don’t stand for anything or made any meaningful impact on society.

I hate hipsters because are phony, lazy, spoiled and apathetic groups of people who pursue a carefree, fruitless lifestyle at the expense of others while arrogantly claiming to be a new counterculture free from corporate influences. These people have done nothing to improve society while living off the backs of others despite giving lip service to social causes and claiming to be struggling artists.  They need to stop pretending be “down with the poor” because their behaviour is really insulting to real poor people and they need to stop appropriating culture from other groups just for the sake of being hip.  Give me a break and go back to school/work/reality instead of slacking around while the world becomes poor and miserable.


17 thoughts on “Why I hate Hipsters

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  1. The hipster convincing his parents to pay his rent because he is so sure that this is the year he is going to make it big… That was my roommate a couple of years ago. He was thirty and I was 27 working a regular job.

    He still hasn’t made it. His poor parents…

  2. I lived in Williamsburg for a while it was cheesy, and you felt corny when people would ask you where you lived. Brooklyn got stigmatized really fast thanks to these people.

  3. great article! i liked your point that spending a lot of money to look poor is a mockery of the truly impoverished. it’s funny how the working class tries to keep their old clothes looking new, while hipsters buy new clothes that look used.

  4. One thing that hipsters cannot abide is the truth, because it exposes their contrived identities for what they are: douchebaggery.

    They view criticism of hipster philosophy, lifestyle, and fashion as personal criticism of them. Sometimes it is, but not always. Regardless, the choice to be/not be a hipster is completely within their control (so THEY can choose to stop any time).

    Curiously, instead of wearing their hipsterism as a badge of honor, by disregarding criticism and refusing to entangle themselves in endless blog arguments, they lash out like rabid cats.

    There are 24 PAGES of hipster definitions on Urban Dictionary. The week that a stinging definition makes it to page one (the site is updated on Mondays), the hipsters make a concerted effort to vote it down. If you want to help counter their efforts please do; you’re allowed to vote twice a day. (Since you probably have a real job and a real life, the hipsters have a strategic advantage over us in this regard). As such, I’m only asking you to check out the first two or three pages, and then skip down to the twenties for definitions that really got their panties in a wad!

    With continual diligence these definitions will be raised up and take their rightful place in a more public view.

  5. This is brilliant. Every word true. I loved when you cmopared now-a-day hipsters to hippies in the 60’s. It’s true, they really had something to fight for and actually appriciated music for what it was. For what it truely was, they didn’t base thier opinions off of other peoples opinions. Seriously..

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