From Chicago Craigslist

From Chicago Craigslist

I got a bunch of hits from this Chicago Craigslist post. This person softens up their hipster hate a bit but you can tell he/she cannot figure out how a massive amount of adults act the way they do. I know that we here in Brooklyn/NYC probably suffer the most throughout the country but a lot of other big cities are also suffering.

re: Do you hate hipsters?

Date: 2010-02-18, 8:59AM CST

I don’t hate em (only when they fuck with other people – like the Critical Mass thing) … they’re just this generation’s flower children.

Allow me to paint a picture. They’re just a bunch of kids (some way too old) whose parents either never paid them any attention or, more than likely, just the opposite. They’re parents never told them that they did anything wrong. You know … the kind of kid who would shit in his hand (at like age 9) and show his mommy. Mommy’s reply would be “That’s beautiful” then she would keep it in tupperware until Dad came home. Then both parents would cry at how proud they were of the kid.

Contrary to what they would like people to believe, they are not:
1) Creative
2) Deranged
3) Politically aware
4) Intimidating
5) Artistic
6) Dark
7) Funny
8) Individual

They are:
1) Extremely self-centered (even when they do charity work they must tell everyone about it)
2) Way, Way , Way Over-Photographed (mostly pictures of themselves taken by themselves)
3) Sad (when they can’t seem to grow out of playing the role)
4) Just a bit smelly (mainly when they try to be european)

A perfect example that many on this board may be familiar with is the kid who rides the tall bike. There is no clear or logical reason to ride such an impractical machine other than to attract the attention of those who are not hipsters and show them his metaphorical “shit in hand”.

They really aren’t so bad though and I speak from years of experience when I say that I would much rather live next to hipsters than gangbangers.

I also miss Mercury Cafe.

Just a couple interesting sites


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