My 2009

How did my year go?  I have to say it was just unpleasant from a personal and professional standpoint.  At the end of the year, all I had left was a near-broken relationship and disillusionment at my career.

I finally got into a relationship after several months of anguish and loneliness. In hindsight I shouldn’t have started dating again when I was still emotionally compromised and depressed.  This only started the dating and relationship on a weak footing and created problems down the road.  My now ex was also unhappy with her career. She was working late hours, suffering culture shock and was strongly homesick of her former life and family.  There were some good points when we were together but things went wrong near the second half of the year.

Things seemed to be going well in my career in the first half.  We were getting more work, the client seemed pleased with the overall work and there was no longer any tensions in our team.  I think things started to go downhill near the second half of the year when most of our account team was suddenly laid off (even the client was horrified) and we were basically phased out when the Treasury department mandated my client to cut costs.  With the layoffs and vendor switch, I was really demoralised over my plans especially when it seems like a nightmare to find a job in America these days.  It really didn’t help when my relaxed and likable manager became a difficult and verbally abusive douche who went off on everything in the pre-production processes. Our company assured we would be transferred to other accounts once the client officially pulls the plug, but that idea was quietly nixed when my manager resigned for another job.

I was isolated from my client and I was alienated from my company.  It was extremely lonely at work and almost every phone or job interview I attended went nowhere. Either it was because I didn’t click with the interviewer or because my current salary just scared them away.  In any event, it was just demoralising and depressing.  My personal theme song for much of 2009 was Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow”.

My relationship was the one bright spot until my then girlfriend got transferred to another office by her boss. There she felt isolated, her boss was still verbally abusive and she was made to manage people despite having zero experience doing it.  It sometimes got to the point where she was working 10 to 12-hours daily and took her problems out on me on her bad days.  No one was happy and she wasn’t happy regardless how hard I tried to make things work.

My final vacation to work things out between us and to get away from this bullshit was robbed from me because of a freak blizzard and because of shitty customer service from; who had me on hold for 5 hours before anyone even bothered to help me.  It was just frustrating and beyond my control.  Everything that I thought was going well went to nothing and I was left starting 2010 disenchanted, emotionally compromised, and angry at the world.


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