America in decline

The NJTransit is still running slow after Amtrak decided to have their signal malfunction. It took them almost two hours to fix the problem and it would not surprise me if their maintenance crew was jacking off to porn instead of doing their jobs to prevent problems on the tracks.  Its clear that Amtrak is constantly doing wrong seeing that they are consistently unprofitable and are still alive thanks to government funds. The only Amtrak that runs smoothly is the one Joe Biden uses to commute to work.

The economy is still in the shitters. Obama does not give a flying fuck about any of you unless you are someone he can depend on or if you are a wealthy campaign contributor. Other than that he will talk bold but so nothing if he has to deal with the opposition or his internal factions. Sadly I have no choice but to reelect him in 2012 since the Republicans will put a moron against him. I have the impression many Americans are adverse to sanity or reason which is why Obama won over Kucinich and Palin is favoured over Ron Paul.

This bad economy is a golden age for job recruiters and the HR industry.  They can simply abandon all pretenses of professional hiring due to the large pool of desperate workers.  They can now schedule people for interviews only to take it back at the last minute. They can blacklist candidates at will if they do not immediately respond or have one item that doesn’t fit their requirements. They start asking overqualified people to take the same job for more work and less pay. With unemployment nearing 20% they can do whatever they want.

This is an era of nothing. There is a President that acts cool but can’t do shit when it matters and there is a society that has no real income no real job or no real assets. This is the new American Dream while the original dream is now made in China or outsourced to India.

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