Caprica, Season 1, Episode 14 – “BLOWBACK”

So Caprica was cancelled as of last week by the Syfy network, but the show lives on in Canada’s SPACE network.  From the previous episode, Lacey is forced to join the STO training alongside other kids who either joined voluntarily or were forced by their STO-loving parents.  The kids all board a freighter and set off to Gemenon before being boarded by a bunch of anti-monotheistic Polytheists.

They proceed to start killing the kids until their demands are met or when all the hostages abandon their fates.  In the crisis, the ginger kid is killed despite begging for his life and a scared girl who accepts her fate without dropping her beliefs.  Only one kid decides to sell out for some food and peace of  mind.  While this is occurring, Lacey and her new friend try  to loosen a pipe and check the guards for an opening to fight back.  When Lacey is taken as the next victim, she gives her friend the signal and he and a few others fight back.  As she is letting the polytheists have it, her handler tells her that this is all staged and it is basically a test on how STO “fighters” endure stress.  They then go back to their way to STO headquarters in Gemenon.

At the orientation party, the kids who passed the test celebrate and are told that this is the start of hard work and dedication.  Outside the party Lacey’s friend notices that all the kids who failed the staged hostage crisis, were being executed by the Cylon U-87 prototypes that were smuggled to the STO by the Halatha.  The kids who were killed were the ginger kid who begged for his life, the kid who sold out for food and four other kids who did nothing the entire time.

In other parts of the story, the viewers learn that the STO has a high-ranking mole in the GDD, who turns out to be that GDD agent’s boss.  The agent is suspicious when he learns that a high-ranking agent had entered and removed evidence (Zoe’s STO pin) relation to his Graystone investigation.  Also,  the agent had been asked by his boss to reveal the name of his confidential informant within the STO or future resources will be withheld.  The agent decides to frame, Clarice’s co-wife, Marbeth, as her informant to figure out if his boss is really working for the STO. As it turns out the boss leaks the info to Clarice who then kills Marbeth and removes all ID of her by cutting off her head, hands and feet.  This bluff helps the agent give Amanda the resources and leeway to continue spying on Clarice.

While this is happening the GDD boss was able to drop the pin off to Clarice, who later begins extracting the data for her resurrection program.

After reprimanding Sam for trying to supply weapons to Taurons, the Guatrau winds up arming the STO with prototype Cylons without Daniel’s knowledge.  Daniel tries to reason with the Gautrau who agrees to stop shipments to the STO if he can develop his resurrection program in 2 weeks.  After this talk the Guatrau orders Sam to kill Daniel once his work is done.

So in this episode we learn that the Cylons learned about God through their use by the STO, who may have programmed them with religion, contrary to what was revealed in the Battlestar Galactica series along with the crude form of AI and resurrection.  In any event, “Caprica” will need to tie up all loose ends with some TV movies as a way to truly end the show and lead in to the new Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Crome prequel series that talks about the original Human-Cylon war.


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