Operation Call Iowa

Time – 15 July at 16:00 – 22 July at 21:30

Watch Ron Paul talk about the importance of the Iowa Straw Poll


Operation: Call Iowa
Grassroots Phone Banking Bomb – Friday, July 15th through Friday, July 22nd

To invite your whole friend’s list to this event, please follow these instructions on this video:


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What? A grassroots participation event in coordination with the Ron Paul campaign that will focus on calling Iowans this next week, with a target of each participant calling at least 200 phone numbers or more. The goal is twofold: to both find Ron Paul supporters for the Ames Straw Poll, and to introduce other voters to Ron Paul’s positive message of liberty.
When? Friday, July 15th through Friday, July 22nd
Who? You! All of us! The grassroots Ron Paul activists who want to help the campaign in a big way for very little money.
Why? Because the Iowa campaign has made phone banking a priority, and we need to do everything we can to help find Ron Paul supporters before the Ames Straw Poll.
How? Read on…

How to Participate
First, take note that if you are going to take part in this bomb, you are going to be volunteering for the campaign. We will be using the campaign’s lists and registering with the campaign to do this. If you are using rp2012 already then you may continue to do so. However, this participation bomb is intended to help the campaign’s official effort, for now. As long as there is unfinished work on that front, it is a good idea for us to help them finish it!

Step 1: Get an Iowa Area Code
The first thing you will need is an Iowa area code (preferably, 515). The campaign has confirmed that having a Des Moines, Iowa area code (515) results in a higher response rate than an out-of-state area code. Here are a few options:

Option 1: Get a prepaid phone and register it with the ZIP code 50021. This is the ZIP for Ankeny, which is where the Ron Paul Iowa campaign office is. A few providers you could try are Virgin Mobile, Trac Fone, Boost Mobile, Net 10, and there are others. Go to Walmart, Target, or any similar kind of store and ask for “pre-paid phones.” The phone will probably set you back about 20 or 30 dollars but may be cheaper, and may even come with minutes. If you do this option, you will need a prepaid phone card from that company. This is all pretty easy and self-explanatory, and will be the easiest to use once you set it up.

Option 2: Google Voice. Go here: http://www.google.com/voic​e. Basically, you will want to set it up with a 515 area code which is the Des Moines area.

Other Options: Skype may be a possibility, but I am unfamiliar with Skype. I will fill this in as a third option if someone can explain how picking a 515 area code would work in Skype, or where to go to do that. There may also be other voice-over-IP solutions available. However, it seems that options 1 and 2 are the easiest. I got an AT&T GoPhone, which only charges 2 dollars per day no matter how many calls you make that day. It is a good option for what we are doing; the one I got cost $40 and included 15 dollars (or 7 1/2 days worth) of credit.

Step 2: Contact the Ron Paul Iowa Office
Steve Bierfeldt represents the campaign in Iowa, and for our purposes he is the interface between the grassroots and the campaign for volunteers there. You’ll need to send to get set up with him to actually get a list and call on behalf of the official campaign.
First: You will need to e-mail Steve Bierfeldt at steve@ronpaul2012.com.

Put “volunteer phone banking” or something similar in the subject line. Simply put in your message that you would like to get a list of at least 200 phone numbers from the campaign, that you are out-of-state but that you have obtained a Des Moines area code phone number, and include the phone number. He will probably give you a list of 200 to start; this is plenty at first. You can ask for more later.

Second: Wait for an e-mail response from Steve. He may ask you to call him, or he may give you a call. All he needs to do is make sure that you have the local number and confirm your involvement.
Third: Steve will e-mail you a list that you can then use to call Iowans. He will also e-mail you instructions on how to call, and how to record your results!

Step 3: Call at least 200 numbers
Now the fun part: time to call people for Ron Paul. Following the instructions that Steve Bierfeldt gives you about how to call Iowa voters, go through the list and get it done!

When to call: The best time to call people on weekdays is late afternoon/early evenings from 4-7pm. Please, do not call after 8pm on weekdays, as people do not like being called late. During the weekend the best time to call is Saturday afternoon and late morning, perhaps 11am-6pm, and Sunday afternoon after noon, say 12pm-6pm.
How to act: Please be courteous yet responsive. Remember that we are doing this to positively represent Ron Paul and do not want to get combative with anyone we speak with. REMEMBER: If someone does not support Ron Paul now, you do not want your actions to prevent them from supporting him later! If someonedoes support Dr. Paul, make sure you are appreciative.

The entire time of your phone call, speak in a soft, conversational tone. Do not do “the hard sell,” do not be aggressive, do not be nervous! You’re doing a great service to liberty, so be confident but courteous.

Step 4: Beyond 200 numbers
Once you call 200 numbers, go for more! Then it is time to e-mail Steve Bierfeldt and ask for another list, and return him your results.

The more you call, the greater your service to Ron Paul. You have all next week, so do the best you can! And remember, have fun.

Post your results here when you are done, and update on your progress!

Where can I sign up?
Post in this thread that you will be participating, then follow the steps as outlined. Steve Bierfeldt has graciously agreed to help in this effort, and will help you during the necessary steps. Good luck!

For Ron Paul! For liberty!


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