7 Forbidden Topics in Chinese Universities

7 Forbidden Topics in Universities in China

Editor’s note: Colleges and universities in China have been instructed to steer clear of seven topics in their courses. Reasons provided by Xi Jinping administration showed an inconceivable retrogression in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ideology, probably an explicit evidence of the leader’s sense of insecurity and his anxiety in losing powers to rivalries.

1. Universal Values

Cause: they challenges or even expels Chinese commmunist party leaders and the party’s leadership

2. Freedom of Press

Cause: The idea upsets the stability of CCP and society

3. Civil Society

Cause: It creates a new force at grassroots level independent of the CCP

4. Civil Rights

Cause: they upset the CCP’s macro-control over citizens

5. CCP’s historical aberrations Cause: this might undermine CCP’s legitimacy to rule or overturn CCP

6. Elite Cronyism / privileged capitalist class

Cause: it ‘distorts’ the fact that political reform necessitates economic liberalization.

7. Judicial Independence

Cause: it challenges CCP’s rule and authority if the courts are no longer under the direct control of CCP

Source : BBC

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